Dall05 - Birmingham City Triathlon

Dall05 - Birmingham City Triathlon

Hi Healthunlockeders,

Dall05 (Tony) is my father and since he fell ill in 2010 I have become increasingly passionate about the work done by the charity British Lung Foundation. This led me to think about how I could support such an amazing charity.

As a result, on the 19th of July, my friend Lucy and I intend to swim, cycle and run our way to the end of the Birmingham City Triathlon.

We would really appreciate any donations, no matter how small. Just follow the link below to donate. It's for a really great cause!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I will keep you all updated on my training progress.

Sophie xxx


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  • Done. I'm happy to support you as you say every little counts. xxx

  • Thank you so much SusieQ, that is so kind of you! :D xxx

  • Thank you flibberti, nice to 'meet' you also. It's lovely to hear such kind words about my dad :D xxx

  • Hi Sophie and Team (and dad of course) - donated - thank you all for your amazing efforts and good luck on the day xx

  • Thank you for your generosity! We really appreciate the support :D xxx

  • You are fab! How proud your dad must be. The very best of luck TAD xxx

  • Thank you so much for your support! You are so kind :D xxx

  • Just donated Sophie - hope all goes well for you and look forward to your training updates. You have a great dad there. Take care xxxxxx

  • Thank you sassy59, your generosity and support means a lot! :D xxx

  • Hi Sophie,

    I have just donated, and want to wish you and Lucy the best of luck with your training, and of course the event itself. Your dad, is so well thought of here, and is such an inspiration to us all, with his attitude and determination. He will be so proud of you too.

    I saw your dads video when he climbed the Malverns (?) Sorry if I have got the name wrong, but I think I saw you on that video, unless it was your sister maybe.

    Please pass on my good wishes to your dad, and I hope he is doing well.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thank you huggs! I know he thinks the same of all of you. This is an amazing site where you all inspire and support one another. Lucy, my dad and I are so grateful for your generosity and support :D

    You are right, it is the Malverns and that was me in the video. My dad and I have been walking those hills since I can remember. I'm sure there will be another expedition sometime this summer (if the weather behaves). We will update you with more pictures :) xxx

  • It's lovely to meet you, I'm delighted to be able to support you and Lucy!! :D Sophie, I can see a great resemblance to your wonderful Dad who I am a huge fan of! Have fun on the day and well done! :D huff xxx

  • Thank you so much hufferpuffer, that's fantastic! It is lovely to meet you also :D xxx

  • done. Well Done Sophie. xx

  • Thanks Whistler :D. We are so glad to have your support xxx

  • Really happy to support you Sophie and Lucy. Your families must be so proud of you young ladies - we are. Your Dad is an inspiration Sophie. Thank you both for all the hard work you are putting in to help both your Dad and others with lung issues.


  • Thank you so much cofdrop. Your support is greatly appreciated :D xxx

  • Done. Good luck Sophie and Lucy. Give it your best.xxx

  • Thank you Suzy6 for your kindness! We will try our best :D xxx

  • Done Sophie, good luck sure you will do well.😄😃😀

  • Thank you Granny47. We really appreciate your generosity :D xxx

  • Tried to make a donation but as i don't use credit cards or pay pal account, it is impossible. I thought i might be able to transfer from my UK bank account but that facility is not there, but i could transfer to your personal account if you want to email your details?

    My email is: mphuket40@hotmail.com

  • Just a thought Swerve but do you have a cheque book. Also it is best not to put your email or personal stuff on an open forum hun. It is frustrating when there is no way of doing stuff. When they want ID from me they always want a drinving licence (I don't drive) or a passport (I don't go abroad anymore) Aaaarh. Not trying to interfere hun - it was just a thought.

    love cx

  • I understand what you are saying, just wanted to help. I live in Thailand, so i don't even have a ATM card for my UK account as i left 18 years ago.

  • Oh Swerv I forgot you live in Thailand. Just remembered when I saw your post that I had a cb lying about, which I still use on the odd occasion and thought it might be an option. Appologies.

    love cx

  • No problem, i have contacted my family to make a contribution and i will pay them back when i am in the UK in August.

  • As i live in Thailand i have asked one of my family to donate and i will pay them back when i am over in August.

    Good luck to both of you.

  • Sorry It's a bit late but now done Sophie. I am happy to support you. Your dad is really inspirational in the posts he shares with us. Take Care, Love Margaret x

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