CT Guided Lung Biopsy

Had my biopsy today. No problems. Annoyed they used a bed for me as really didn't need it a chair down to radiology and back would have been fine - in fact I walked down with the porter pushing the bed alongside me but had to lie on it to go back as they insisted I should. Was pleased that they did an x-ray before discharging me just to make sure the lung had not started to collapse. The procedure was easy and painless. Although the lesion/nodule is small - less than 3cm the Dr took two samples and told me on discharge that these were good. Although I knew where the nodule was it had not crossed my mind that my shoulder blade was pretty much in the way of the biopsy needle so the Dr was expecting some problems but after a few positional changes there was no problem. Now all I have to do is wait until I go to see my consultant for the results. Surprised me that everyone was concerned that I didn't already have an appointment for the next clinic already so no I have to chase up the Respiratory Care Nurse to find out if I should go along to this clinic. Have found out that she is away until Thursday so that is probably why I haven't got an appointment. This time surely they must find out what this is?

Take care of yourselves everyone.


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  • Hi Sian, so glad that everything went well for you and truly hope you get good results from this. Wishing you well. Take care. Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carole.

  • Fingers crossed that they find out for you Sian xxx

  • Thanks

  • I am off for a CT thorax scan next week - I am claustrophobic so am worrying about it, even though some in the group have reassured me it isn't too bad. It's the 10-15 minutes that is bothering me (that's a heck of a long time!) But, I had been nervous about having a bronchoscopy and they aren't going to give me one, so I really should shut up with the worrying!!! :) I do wish you all the very best with your outcome....and thanks for letting us know how it was and what to expect...this is what's so very very nice about this group, we all learn from one another :) :)

  • So glad it went well. Keep on hassling for the result. Take care Suzyxxx

  • Hi Louisiana,

    Have you had a CT Scan before? it is only a small do-nut shaped scanner they pass you through. Not like a MRI or PET Scanner where you are actually in the machine for ages. Compared to those the CT Scanner is like a polo mint. Don't think you will be claustrophobic. Having the biopsy means that for a lot of the time someone is in the room with you as well. In fact you have a nurse, radiologist (I had 2) and the Dr doing the biopsy with you. They just scoot out when the scanner is running and most of the time it runs for a few minutes at a time so that they can pin point (that is a bit of a pun) exactly where to put the needle in. I was in a huge well lit room as well. Not like int he PET scanner where it was dark outside and in - well not so dark outside but not light and bright like the CT Scanner room the other day. Of course, your experience may be different. They said they were going to give me a bronchoscopy when I first went to the clinic but didn't. I was all ready for it too felt cheated when I didn't have it as my partner has had loads of things like that (in various places you wouldn't think they could fit the cameras ha ha) Just think of this as a means to an end. It really will be over in no time and you will wonder what you were worried about. I spent more time waiting outside the door than I did in the scanner. Apparently the radiologist told me they had done some "creative booking" of time that day so were all to pot.

    Take care and stay positiive



  • The results of the biopsy show nothing more than any other test i have had so far. So, still no further forward. Getting fed up. Think they are going to ask to do another biopsy - if they carry on they will be able to take the nodule out little by little during the biopsies. HA HA!


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