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Spirometry results

Hi went back to the reception at my gp yesterday because was still not sure what stage i was at with the copd i have, has it was not on the print out i got last week, and she said she was sorry and had missed a page that she has now give to me.

And it says that i have mild copd and the year before that (1 april 2014) i was excluded from copd and and 14 months befor that ( january 2013 ) moderate copd. ?????

my pulse oximetry was 97% this time so a bit lower.

I do walk on incline on the treadmill a few times a week but i wanted to see what was the most i could do the treadmill and see how fit i really was

So on saturday i thought i would try a jog on tread mill and i did that for a mile at 7k and it took me 15 minites but i was in trouble after i mean short of breath and wheezing bad so sat down took my blue top ventoline inhaller and after a few mins was ok but dont think i will do that again has i am 58 now and 2 stone over wheight so need to be carefull.

Yesterday Monday i went back to the treadmill to see how far i could walk on the flat at 5k which i think is about 3 mph or just over anyway i did 6 miles that took me over 2 hours but it was my legs and soles of my feet that were acking and sore not out of breath or anything.

So was pleased with that and i think i have kept stable and not progresed much if anything with this copd.

The nurse at my gp did say a while ago that the spirometry test can sometimes be a bit diferant and its how you feel at the time.

So try keep active everyone

Good luck


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You seem to be doing pretty well Music which is great news indeed, just take it easy and don't overdo things. Wishing you well xxxxx


A few weeks ago I did 2 miles in one hour on treadmill. I had my oxygen on 1/2 litre/min.

Not bad for very severe emphysema and sats at about 90 to 93 on a good day. :)

Keep active !


Well done for trying! But, do take care - have you been on a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic? Do go if you can!!!! you will learn a lot about everything and it sooooo helps you. (it certainly did me) Take care and good luck :)


Hi louislana Yes i done a pulmonary course nearly 2 years ago and they are good.



that's good to hear. Take care of youself....:)


hi music, i wouldn't worry what stage your at, many docs will give different stages, you will know how things are yourself.

but i would say your doing great with the effort your putting in, it sounds great what your doing, but maybe just don't go over the score, i've great admiration for you, do what you can, when you can.

i am fairly bad at times, and just out of hospital, but once i recover i will still try and at least get moving , doing what i am able to do at the time.

good luck, take care love jimmy xxx :)


Thanks Jimmy and everyone lets hope we all feel better with this warm weather thats hopefully going to come.



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