I am not sure how long this has been around, but I hadn't heard of it before. It certainly looks promising for people with some types of cancer. I see skin cancer treated this way has been successfully treated and lung cancer held at bay. A lady in the article has had an extra two years of life, following treatment at the Royal Marsden. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it could also help COPD sufferers.

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  • The say STI's produce cancer fighting toxins .. Not like ad want any of them but immune therapy is key

  • hookworms have been know to help people with severe hay fever. but you have to have them cleared out of the gut from time to time :(

  • Yuk...Offcut my dear I would rather have Hay Fever than hookworms. I have Hay Fever at the moment.. Something to do with grasses I think.

  • I have the usual but rapeseed fields really do me in. I can smell them well before I see them.

  • Yes it would, still wonderful news for cancer sufferers, must be comforting to know that progress is being made.

  • Is looking good also maybe linked?

  • Hi offcuts here's good read :)

    But what's that mean for those with immunity issues already

  • It does seem the body itself can do a lot of the hard work it is just pointing it in the right direction. All positive news. The next step for the drugs barons is see how much money they can make out of it.

  • Defo agree there .. Is just a shame we all know this no money in cures where there is in stringing us out

    Suppose out is better than nout tho

  • Well it could cure or lengthen time to individuals what ever they do they will make money out of it.

  • It is a more detailed most interesting article. Thankyou D3NIS.

  • Thank you Offcut I am pleased to see Immunotherapy is getting publicity.

  • The body has been doing it all our lives but sometimes a little help does not go amiss.

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