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I haven't had a chance to write before because I have been trying different medications during my three years when I was diagnosed with Pulmonary

Fibrosis. When I was getting pretty sick I tried pirfenodine which helped me

a great deal. I had to go to the lab to check my kidney and liver function. Last

time the liver function was slightly higher so I had to stop taking it. During

the four weeks without the medication I did not feel good so the doctor

tried a different one (new) Ofew. It was just approved this year. I am taking

it now and will discover weather I am able to take it. I feel better, hopefully

I w ill be able to take it. I will let you know, although so far I don't

have any side effects. Thank you for all the good advice! Zamboo from the USA

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I hope this new medication works well for you Zamboo. cx

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Hi Zamboo from the USA, welcome. Don't be a stranger now you have broken your duck. x

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