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1 Year Anniversary

Well it's a year since that terrible chest infection cleared up and 14 months since diagnosis of COPD ( CT Showed significant emphysema) Dr reckoned chronic bronchitis as well. I've been taking Seebri and Carbosisteine and ventolin which I rarely use.

I'm feeling great and no mucus or cough. I can see the point of taking the Seebri and having ventolin on standby but I'm wondering if I could stop the Carbosisteine. I realise I should probably speak to the Dr but just wondered what you people thought. I'm worried about over treating while I'm fine.

Ps its 1 year clear of the cigs too

Happy Sunday

Isme x

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Well done on being a year without cigarettes isme, that is great. Good news that you are feeling well at the moment but I would not want to tell you to stop taking something and would advise you to contact your doctor about that.

Hoping that you continue to do well though and hope you are having a good Sunday.

Love, Carole xx


hi well done with cigarettes, just 6 weeks for me but okay so far, i'd speak with doctor before stopping any medication.



I would agree with others, always check with your doctor or consultant before stopping meds. As Carbosisteine keeps your sputum runny, if you stop using it, you might find your sputum begins to thicken up. Perhaps you could ask if it would be OK to half the dose if you're not happy taking the full dose. Good Luck. x


Well done on cigs front. I take carbocisteine & have done for some years. It really sorted the sticky muccus. I agree it is wise to discuss any medication changes with your GP or respiratory nurse. I wonder, what do you think might happen, if you remain on it long term,? Love Margaret x


Hi, I believe Carbocysteine is pretty innocuous (according to my gp). Also it takes a boy 3 weeks to take effect - it's for this reason that we take a prophylactic, maintenance dose, ie lower than the therapeutic full dose of two, tree times daily . P


Sorry I'm late replying. I went out for the afternoon yesterday and ended up eating out. ( loved random unplanned days like that) I've taken onboard everything you lovely people have said and I will speak to my Dr before changing anything. When I started on the Carbosisteine I did have copious amounts of very sticky mucus, not sure if it's the lack of infections or stopping smoking but I don't cough at all now or bring anything up. I'm still taking two tablets three times a day. I'm going to ask if I can reduce the dose.

Once again Thank You

Isme x


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