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Night ruined

Went to my daughters for a family gathering in the garden . It started of sunny then got cold the lite the chimney so I sat well away , I was really enjoying it . Then the barbecue got fired up ,and a petrol smell wafted my way ,you can guess the rest , breathing really bad ,had to go home . It was really scary thought I'd need a ambulance , took a few hours to relax my breathing . Scary . Yet another night ruined .

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Sorry you had your night spoilt remember to be up wind then it wouldn't go in your face. Down wind is a no no I found that out the other year.

Hope you enjoy the next one more , se ding you hugs.


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Oh dear I know how you felt I've just had visitors and I had to come in and away from the smoke in the end, it was quite funny because they thought if they stood in front of me I'd be fine but I was freezing and worried my oxygen would blow up!

hugs huff xxx


Pete can be affected like that too Kookie so I do feel for you. What a shame when things were all going so well. Take care and glad you recovered. xxx


Sorry your evenin was spoiled, i find b-b q's, coal or wood fires and bonfires really spoil my day. Just have to hide indoors with windows closed. Love Margaret x


i live in a area that used to be a mining area and most people have coal fires i can't leave the house or open my windows


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