Hello all just a quick question can you have copd and astma together

Hello all can you have copd and astma together . My partner was admitted to hospital several weeks ago after a bad flare upp he needed oxygen and nebs he was kept in a week they beleive he may have had a bad astma attack hes now on 3 inhalers and has to do spirometry tests twice aday the most he has blown is 260 he is now back down to 120 very breathless again he has just started takin his rescue pack again he feels so bad again he takes the rescue pack but within 2 weeks after he goes rivht down hill agai. Hes back at hospotal next friday s to see lung dr thats if he doesnt end up in a&e before

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Hi yes you can have both of them together, I do and quite a few others. That sounds like a bad flare up, lets hope he doesn't get any more in the meantime until the medics have had a chance to help him. Does he have a blue ventolin inhaler? It sounds like he needs to use it more, this helps me to avoid attacks like this. x

Hello coughalot thankyou for your reply yes hes got blue inhaler he is iseing it more now fingers crossed he wont get as bad as before

Oh that's good. I use mine around at least 3 double puffs a day. I don't get attacks very often (around every couple of months or so) but they have cut down quite a lot as I make sure I have 2 puffs before I go to bed at night and my inhaler goes everywhere with me Just in case. Most of my attacks take place in the middle of the night when I wake suddenly with my throat clamped shut, which is why my inhaler goes to bed with me too.

If he gets an attack try and stay calm (easier said than done I know) and just concentrate on getting any air at all in. Keep hammering the inhaler and at first he will cough it out but eventually it starts taking effect. He then needs to stay upright until his breathing becomes more normal even if it takes an hour or so. They are very scarey and leave me feeling sick, weak and trembly for a while.

It is a good idea to use several pillows so he is not lying too flat as well.

Common triggers are animal hair and dust mites so make sure the bedding is washed at at least 60 degrees to kill the mites. x

copd-international.com/libr... hi shortytree please have a read at the link,,

Hi Shorty tree, sometimes if you have both, symptoms can get confused, don't worry about three inhalers. I take three and we are still never sure if an attack is asthma or COPD. Your partner will recover but it may take some time and inhalers may have to be altered to get best result. Some inhalers cause flare up of asthma, I find powered inhalers are better, but not everyone is the same. I wish you both every best wish for a speedy recovery and settling of the symptoms as soon as possible .

Have a serious look at infection control because if we aren't careful we can re-infect ourselves and inhalers are one of the easiest ways. You need to ensure that you wash and disinfect the inhaler body, any spacers you use etc at least once a day. I usually do it after every use by dropping it in boiling water and when you retrieve it, shake it dry and leave to air dry. So that I have always got an inhaler with me, I use two of the two outer bodies.

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