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nebs and o2

just spent a week in hospital with pancreatitis very painful lost 3 days due to high temp anyway the nurse insisted i have nebs saline 3 times a day and o2 i suffer from bronchiectasis and was told by a chest doc that nebs are not a good idea for me , I told the nurse who ignored me so in the end i refused . I explained that my oxygen levels are low normally but again was ignored in the end my husband brought in my stats machine and i took control of my oxygen level. I felt very worried that nurses did not listen to me and insisted that a blood gas was taken which they did eventually !the only good thing was the physio who agreed with me and she told them not to worry too much as i know what i am doing. the whole week was very stressful. Has anyone else been told that nebs are not good for bronchiectasis? because that seemed to be a bone of contention for the nurses.

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I have COPD plus a BRONCHIECTASE after my last hospitalization due to pneumonia on my discharge it was advised that I too saw my GP as regards me using nebs the doc told me that in as much he would not prescribe if I so wish but he did advise me that using nebs may shorten my life as using them can and does weaken the lungs over a period of time, needles to say which route I took this time.

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It depends what you put in your nebuliser. Saline is a widely used treatment for bronchiectasis for loosening the mucus and I have used it on and off for over 30 years. I have also nebulised different drugs on a daily basis, one of them for 8 years. I was recently hospitalised with pneumonia and the nurses gave me nebulised ventolin and saline, which is a standard COPD treatment it seems. I only have bronchiectasis.I loved it. My consultant seemed amused as nebulised ventolin is not a standard treatment for bronchiectasis but said I could have it if I wanted. I now use it if I feel I need it. I have never heard of nebs weakening the lungs. I must stress that I have good sats and am not a CO2 retainer. Bronchiectasis is a funny thing. We are all so different and consultants argue between themselves as to how to treat it. Do what suits you, with one ear cocked towards the consultant. I have always worked on the theory 'if it aint't broke don't fix it'. Well done you for sticking up for yourself in the hospital which is not easy when you are pain. Good luck.


thanks yes i was in pain glad its all over. if i have to go in again i will be proactive in my o2 care and nebs as i think we who suffer from these breathing problems know our bodies better than some nurses and doctors who have very little knowledge about bronchiectasis which shows when you have to explain its not bronchitis over and over again !


Too true. They are learning a lot about COPD because it is government policy but the rest of us have to be vigilant that they do not subject us to treatments etc that could do us harm because they are meant for a very different problem. However, having said that,some COPD treatments and drugs are the same and some meant only for them can do us good. We are a funny lot. I recently acted as a patient for first year medical student exams. The first thing they looked for was COPD. Then they became confused when it didn't add up. Then they mentioned bronchiectasis but the wheels fell off because they never expected to get one. Only one brilliant girl came up with diagnosis and treatment. She must have actually bothered to read the chapter!


ha doesn't surprise me !


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