Ever heard of this folks = " Aspergillus " ?

Recently I was Admitted to Hospital for the 15th time in five years for yet another severe C.O.P.D. Exacerbation, and during the usual treatment of Nebulisers , etc, a blood test on this occasion revealed "Aspergillus" which is apparently FUNGUS GROWING ON THE LUNGS ! - where on earth quite literally did that lot come from ? - , and to get rid of it I have to take a MASSIVE 120 Course of STEROIDS - apparently Anti biotics won't shift it - Anyone out there ever come across this ? , Oh, and how will I know when this dreaded infection has actually gone ? - no one actually mentioned that ! .....Mind you I quite like Steroids - whenever I have to take them , my MUCUS goes down to NOTHING , and my breathing improves at least 90%, so I'll get something out of this huge intake of them, for a brief while, but my old problems will quickly once again return , IE , huge output of Mucus and shortness of breath once the course is completed ! .....Oh , have just been told that this Infection was first discovered by one of my lot, - an Italian Biologist ! , and the word "Aspergillus" takes its name from the shape of the infection under a Microscope that looks very similar to the "Sprinkler " that a Catholic Priest uses to sprinkle Holy water from ! ......perhaps I'de better nip down to me Church and get the Parish Priest to do a bit of Sprinkling over me - might just help !! - Have a good day folks ....

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  • Hello my name is Mary I'm 49 and I have sarcoidosis of the lungs and invasive aspergillosis I have been on steroids and voriconazole for about 12 years I suffer with lots of chest infections and I'm always short of breath especially on exertion I also get bleeding from the lung I don't really suffer with any bad side effects from the voriconazole maybe I'm lucky. I take 400mg per day of them and 10mg per day of steroids I find the side effects from steroids not very nice but I have learnt to live with most things I also try to watch my diet because steroids can make you gain a lot of weight I have never tried any alternative medicine I'm not sure it would help me it is very hard to find information about this condition I'm currently being treated at the Royal free hospital in Hampstead I have a home nebuliser and home oxygen there are lots of things I can't do but I do as much as I can under the circumstances .When u are stronger don't be worried about going on voriconazole without them I would be a lot worse off as the fungus would grow back in my lungs

    Good luck !


  • Hi Mary - Just read your reply , really interesting - endless thanklies ! , by the way I have been in the "Royal Free " London. Hamstead, quite a few times - with CO.P.D. exacerbations - I found it a very good Hosi - , one of the Consultants recons they will "Name a ward after me if I turn up many more times " hmm, now there's a thought !, so good luck with your health issues, was thinking the other day whilst in the "Royal Free", most of us have got something wrong with us somewhere in this "Overcoat" we call a body - so perhaps this is really something -- "We are all in it together " !!!Good luck ! ..

  • Hi ,sounds yukky ,,,,but I have heard of it ,,,,on here in fact ,,,,,but I never knew what it was ,,,until now ,,,,good luck with the steroids ,,,,,and about all the mucus,,,I had that problem last year ,,a continuous productive cough ,,,endless mucus production,,,then I was prescribed Doxycycline antibiotic ,,,it cleared up a repeating chest infection ,I was prescribed a flutter devise that helps clear the mucus ,and also mucodyne tablets that thin the mucus and make it less sticky so easier to cough up and out ,

    Take care ,

  • Hi Vittorio,

    I had never heard of this until this year. Basically we can breathe the aspergillus spores in from anywhere and everywhere - though they are generally found in leaf molds. My asthma and/or bronchiectasis seemed to be getting worse - or different. So was sent to see a specialist at the beginning of this year. Had blood and sputum tests which showed antibodies to aspergillus were slightly raised. On a CT Scan they saw a nodule in my left lung also - this could be an aspergilloma amongst other things. Had a FDG PET/CT Scan to see if they could definitely see what this was but still didn't show up. So, next week I am having a lung biopsy done. In the meantime I am hoping that the nodule may shrink as they sometimes do if they are infections. I have read both on here and in other places that there is a "scratch" allergy test that can be done for this and wonder why this wasn't done for me. Instead I have had 3 sets of blood tests and sputum tests with another lot to take in to the hospital with me on Tuesday. I hope the steroids work.

    Take care


  • I've heard of it, it's quite common among Bronchiectasis patients. I've never had it and hope I never do. Got enough to contend with having regular pseudomonas colonisations. Sometimes alone, but last time it bought pneumonia along to the party.

  • Thanks folks for your "Aspergillus " input, it is certainly a new one on me ! - only got FIVE MORE BOXESOF STEROIDS TO EMPTY ...it will be interesting to discover what the result of this monstrous input of steroids will result in - although WHY Anti Biotics won't shift this infection it is a mystery to me - I always thought they were like the well known " Toilet Cleaner " = " Will kill all known germs - DEAD " !!! ..

  • Afraid the antibiotics only shift the bacterial

    Infections, not the viruses or, as you have discovered, the fungal ones. Aspergillosis is relatively common among those with lung problems and can sometimes be the cause of lung damage in the first place. The spores are all over the place and are very difficult to avoid and you are just unlucky I'm afraid. Take the medicines and hopefully you will feel better soon.

  • Thanks Monkey 65, ! - didn't know there was a difference between "Bacterial infections and Viruses " ! - cor , - learn something new every day here ! - fraid I'de never make a Doctor with all theses variations to learn , never mind, as you say "Take the medicines " and hope for the best ....and good luck with any health probs you may have - to quote a " Certain man " ! = "Wer'e all in it together " ( at least with this - it seems ... !

  • Hi Vittorio,

    Believe it or not, a dog of mine got it. It came from the garden and the pine chips we had put down as a mulch. He was put on steroids and an antibiotic. He did improve, but it never really left him. It is definitely a weird one!

    Carol. x

  • Oh dear Lolly 2 ! - so If I start barking and take a liking for old bones ( apart from my own ! I'll know the Curse of the Aspergillus has STRUCK AGAIN ! - perhaps I'll even grow a furry coat - who knows ! Watch this space! - this is the stuff of Horror films ! .......and it all began with C.O.P.D. ! just off to me basket for a little nap - I fear the CHANGE has begun !! ..

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