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This is a story that it quite true, about a busness man named Patel. He went into a bank in London and made a appointment to see the loans manager. He asked the manager if it would be possible for him to get a loan for £5000 for a period of three months,and he would pay the loan back on this date.Three months hence , as he was going abroad for the three months. The manger agreed, but asked him if he had any collateral to cover the loan ? He said he had a Rolls Royce that was almost new. The Manager said that they would have to see the car first. He made arrangements to bring the car to the bank the next day. After seeing the car and inspecting the paper work, arrangements were made for the £5000 loan to be paid. He was told that the vehicle will have to remain at the banks underground car park, as it was now the collateral on the loan he had been given. Mr Patel agreed. And Three months later to the day, Mr Patel returned to the bank and asked for his car. The manager said that the total amount owed was £5000 + £87 interest. Mr Patel paid the £5000 loan and the £87 interest. The mangaer said excuse me Mr Patel, but while you was away, we did some checking on you, and it has come to our attention that you are a millionire !! Why would you want to borrow £5000. Mr Patel answered the manager saying. "Do you know any place in London, where you can park a Rolls Royce for Three months for £87"!!! " Good day "

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  • Clever man 😀

  • I have no time for banks . I so want it to be true. ;)

  • Well done that was clever.

  • Brilliant! Anyone who can get one over a bank has my vote. :-D

  • me too nikkers

  • Good one! x

  • And that's exactly why he is a millionaire :) x

  • Lol. Brilliant.

  • I heard another true story from someone who witnessed it. A man started smoking on a coach and was told to put it out. He refused so he was told he would have to leave the coach at the next stop. As he got off he said 'the coach wasn't going to stop here but I wanted to get off now, bye'. x

  • Anyone who pulls one over on a bank is ok by me

  • ha,ha, sort of guessed the end before it came - but guess that is why he is a millionaire .... thank you xx

  • Love it!

  • great stuff neo :D clever man, no wonder hes a millionaire :D


  • Hi Jimmy, how you doing now,at least you are back home, I know we need the hospitals from time to time, but its always nice to get away from them and back home.. take care Neo.

  • ha ha, thanks made me laugh.....

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