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Solid pleural Lesion - Measuring 7mm. Please help!


A recent CT scan (part of a monitoring process for my Telomere disorder) has shown a solid pleural lesion measuring 7mm.

Can anybody tell me what this means as am really very worried. I have been referred to a respiratory specialist and await an appointment.

Is this lesion a tumor perhaps? Is it likely I'll need to have a lung biopsy?

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated so to put my mind at ease.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Leighsa

Welcome, though sorry you are having these problems. Sorry sweet I don't know. As hard as it is you really have to wait until you see your consultant. In the meantime you might want to contact the BLF nurses (click red balloon above for number) tomorrow - they will be able to go through it with you.

Please let us know how you get on.



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