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Calling all Breathe Easy members

With Breathe Easy week coming up, we're putting together a blog for a nursing publication to show nurses how the Breathe Easy support network has helped those living with lung conditions, their families and carers. This is an opportunity for YOU to let nurses and other readers know how Breathe Easy has impacted your life. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or by emailing

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I am a member of a breath easy group and look forward to the monthly meetings where we get regular guest speakers who are happy to answer any questions about our concerns with lung problems. We also have BLF nurses in attendance. Members have formed a choir and get regular bookings to perform within the NHS. There is always time for a drink and a chat amongst ourselves. I always come out feeling better than I went in.


Thanks for commenting Joyce! This is really lovely and helpful. Would you mind emailing




I used to belong to a Breathe Easy group , but the venue was changed and I found it difficult to get to.

But I listened to guest speakers from the BLF, from the NHS and from the library service, from pharmacists and a dietician among others.

There was a chance to socialise, to laugh together as well as raising funds through a raffle . There were BLF leaflets on display as well. There was a luncheon group and at one time an exercise class as well.

The committee organised fund raising events and had a stall in a local supermarket which raised awareness of lung conditions.

I have been offered a lift to the meetings so hopefully I can go back soon.


I thought I was the only one with COPD at my age till I went to a breath essay group found out loads of information they have people to come in and do talks but most of all I realised I was not on my own.


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