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Good morning all. I saw a link on here, (can't remember who posted it) sometime ago, it was for a webinar by the Pulmonary Wellness Center on the removal of mucus from the lungs. It was quite interesting although I didn't really learn anything new. They talked about various devices to aid the removal of muck, I personally use an Acapella Choice which I find very good, it was supplied by my hospital. I also looked at the YouTube site where the same people have posted various videos all about pulmonary rehabilitation, some of you may find some of the information interesting. I personally try to find out as much as I can about my illnesses. Below is the address of their YouTube channel in case anyone is interested.I hope you are all well today.Take care , Mike

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  • Hi HappyG. Thanks for the links. There are a lot of poster's on here who like to be in control of their disease. Me, I'm a bit of a head in the sand kind of gal, haha. I peek at the bit's I don't like and have got quite good at scanning articles and automatically skipping over the bit's that look like to much information. Lol.

    Thankfully, I have no need of anything to remove mucus - yet. I have a cough that's as dry as a bone. xx

  • Hi casper99, I also used to have a very dry non productive cough and struggled to bring up mucus. Hence, lots of infections. I hadn't realized how important the removal of mucus is, dehydration was a problem so I now drink at least 2 ltrs. of water every day. This is the recommended

    daily amount although sometimes it seems an awful lot! Keep well. Mike.

  • Do not forget that you also take fluids from food. It is always better to spread the input over the day rather than large amounts and then nothing. You should not count coffee or tea as the caffeine counters the effect :(

  • Hi Offcut, I don't count tea or coffee or any alcoholic drinks and the water is spread throughout the day also have extra water at night. Cheers. Mike

  • Great to hear that you had a chance to take part in the webinar. Here is link to original post.

    You are right: the Pulmonary Wellness Centre has some interesting information including webinars on lots of interesting topis on their website. I am one of those that likes being well informed of lung health, interventions etc. Best wishes xx

  • Hi jenss, didn't realize it was you that posted the original link, thanks for that. I have signed up for the next one as well, "All things respiratory".

    Pity they are on so late, but worth stopping up for. Mike

  • Hi there,

    My COPD was a mucus factory for a long time!

    The amount of coughing trying to shift it was exhausting.

    I found a supplement N. Acetyl Cysteine - problem solved!

    I asked my doctor to prescribe it and needless to say, she researched it first and once she was satisfied that it was a no risk measure, she agreed.

    I did find one German brand to be useless but the Solgar brand did the trick.

    Hope you find this useful!

    Kind wishes


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