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Hi all, Hope you all are well! I am writing on behalf of my mum and need some advice if anyone can help, my mum has COPD, and is managed with oxygen and inhalers, we know that oxygen in a European country is easily obtained and free of charge as we got it this year (as long the hotel staff ring or you can speak fluent Spanish). Anyway we're after airport assistance as my mum found it a massive struggle to get through the airports, co op travel gave us a form to be signed from a go to confirm her prescription drugs, by the gp, the gp's want £40.00 which is a disgrace, has any one ever found a way round this charge? Sorry a bit of a long one. Tia x

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  • If You have a free clinic & You don't mind waiting, that's one way. I have COPD, too. I live in the U.S.A. & My Dr. (a specialist) charges $95. for a visit but I have insurance to help Me pay it. I wish I had better answers. Good Luck. :D

  • Sorry but don't understand why you need to fill form from doctor for coop travel for assistance as I go every year and I tell travel agent when iBook holiday and when time comes my wheelchair is there ready for me and the same on return journey as for paying doctor £40 I don't even pay for to fill in for my oxygen maybe because we have a good doctor

  • Well the lady at co op travel said we need to have a prescription form filled in and signed by the GP, maybe because my mum is on a controlled drug? I don't know, And the doctors surgery said its £40.00 to sign anything.

  • In the USA you must have a doctors letter when travelling with oxygen .

  • Wonder if taking your repeat prescription with you might help or forwarding a photo copy of it.

    It has all your details on it x

  • Wow in usa they charge a lot, ridiculous! We are going to try to take her repeat prescription in To them see if they will accept that, if not I'll stick her on the a luggage trolley on top of the suitcases lol.

  • The doctors letter is only good for 6 months in the if you stay longer, you will need a newer return letter.

  • I think if she is on a controlled drug this why it has to be signed by the GP? As for the charge they are just using the rules to line their pockets. My Mother in laws doctors when she was alive never charge but mine will! They did not like it when I said can I claim for the missed appointment I attended but the nurse did not and no one even let me know!

  • Hello Katie most surgeries have websites now and you might find out more about your local surgery that way. I've paid for letters before for ID etc; but 40 quid is extortionate! 😬😤😠

    Sorry I don't know how you can get out of it, hope you have a great holiday! huff xxx😆😎🌞👙

  • I have travelled several times to Spain. I take my repeat prescrption form as evidence if the drugs I am taking. Assistance is provided free by all airports. You just need to let the airports know in advance about the flight you will be taking. They are always very helpful and will take you right to your taxi or whatever. Good Luck barnowl

  • We can only ask, were going to take the repeat thing In, if they say no we'll ask the airports, I could understand a charge of maybe £10.00, but 40 is taking the mick, thank you though I'm sure after a week all in we'll be nice and refreshed.

  • Don't forget to get a wheel chair at the airport! Wheel chairs go first through security and boarding!!! 👏😑

  • I always request special assistance at the airport and, I've got a general letter from my GP stating the I suffer with COPD which requires me to carry numerous medication and inhalers.

    When travelling with Easyjet to Madeira 2014, having recently suffered Swine flu so oxygen blood levels low, I had to take a portable oxygen machine on board the plane, no forms, letters and no problems and the crew were very helpful.

  • That's brilliant to know, I will let my mum know! We are going on Friday so will take a repeat prescription and the letter from the consultant to state she has COPD 😊.

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