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On Tuesday 26th May I experienced several nose bleeds and more breathlessness, so I called 111 but after answering numerous questions was referred to a so called clinicist who told me to contact my GP. I was so angry at having wasted my breath and oxygen on these people that next time I feel rough I will just call 99.The earliest GP appointment is not until Monday am. The BLF just said it might be the oxygen. Yet I wasn't on oxygen at the time. I have been prescribed 1/2 litre for a minimum of 15 hours daily. Now just go on Youtube and check out the pulmonary HP and COPD websites. I must say that they have been most informative.

Please forgive my rant.


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Understandable.....I would be angry too at the state of the NHS ,terrible, if you want 111 u should not be put under so much pressure ..discusting how it's run.!!!fob u off fob u off..any one who is out of breath walk into docs and demand to see one ,until it changes I'm afraid we have to put the pressure on ,my docs ,I walk in and seen on the spot!! They welcomed change ,but we have to be strong .as everyone deserves dignity of life....... Don't give up the fight at your docs, they can learn from you,cause not a lot are trained these days, we study more than them.


Hi Malinka, understand your rant, I have had good and bad experience of the 111, the same can be said for other parts of the NHS too. It can be really annoying to have to wait a week or more, if really concerned I would go to walk in, if you have one or A&E to spite all the criticism of people going there when there are other options. Maybe your usual chemist could advise, just a possibility. Like you I get angry when the system fails us at a time of need.. Glad to hear from you that youtube has a good site for advice. Thanks for that bit of info. Stay calm or you will be getting more nose bleeds from raised blood pressure, take care.


hi do whot i do and ring 999 thay will come strat out to you and help . i hade a bad nose bleed and thay got me in to hospital strat away . a big thank you to the ambulans service


My gp surgery hold an Urgent Care walk in clinic from 8.30 til 11.30 and then 2.30 til 5.30 Monday to Friday, as well as a normal appointment system. You are seen by either a nurse practioner or a GP.

I don't know why other practices can't do the same.

I found the previous NHS Direct phone line much better than the 111 they just seem to read a list of questions from a screen rather than listening to your symptoms.....cheaper I guess.

Take care and I hope you get help soon


Thanks so much for your response. In the past when I was coughing way too much did have a good experience with 111 when an actual Dr. called me back with actual medical advise. Feel better today so I plan to go to work tomorrow. I will keep my GP appointment for Monday to ask about change of blood pressure pills. Yeah, I also have high blood pressure.

Take care


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