Hi ,After having to give up work completely last August ,I am feeling a bit lost, miss all my workmates and all the banter. Cant walk far and don't drive , so have to rely on my husband to get me out and about when he is not at work. Have been reading mags and books ,but not the same as talking to people. Such a big change in my life ,will take some time getting used to. Thank god sites like this exists ,look forward to the daily posts.

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  • Afternoon.

    I know exactly what you mean. I gave up work December before last and I don't drive and cant walk far. My husband try's to get me out as much as possible and my sisters pop up once a week, but I miss human contact and some days I'm climbing the walls. I have my family history don't know what I would do without it and this site. Maybe we should all get Skype so we can chat face to face.

    Kim xxx

  • Good idea Kim ,but I am a bit too shy for Skype ,so will keep tapping out on the keyboard for now. Thank you for your thoughts though. Tinaxx

  • Hello I live alone my husband died 14yrs ago I'm 73 only get out once a week but love my computer and I pad .Have you thought of doing a family tree there are lots of free sites I get enthralled when I start and time flys by

    It's sad when you miss your friends and can't get out but in time you will adjust

    Take Care


  • Hi Dorothy, Have a cousin who has been doing our family tree but will check out for free sites that might be of interest. Its a pain when you don't get out so much, my wheely bin gets out more than I do ha ! Making friends on this site makes me feel a lot better. Take care Tina. xx

  • ThanksTina yes that would be good people do not realise what it's like if you can't get out on your own .one of my daughter s had a knee replacement and sent me a text saying "she was going up the wall looking at 4 walls " this was after 4 days I had to bite my tongue !,

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Hi, I am 33 years old and they are looking to see what is wrong with me, I have been on constant 40mg of prednisolone steroids everyday nearly for 20 weeks, I also do not drive and as my husband works all week I can only leave the house with him on the weekends! Everytime the doctors bring my steroid use down to 20mg a day I flare back up again, I'm up all night coughing and bringing up phlem, I can hardly go downstairs in my house anymore as I find it difficult to climb stairs, and when I do I have a nasty asthma attack! It's very upsetting as I have always had asthma but it got worse after having my daughter who is now 8, she is off school this week and I can only do so much to entertain her, the doctors are sending me to a asthma specialist! I don't have any infections but they say my lungs are struggling??? Why??? I have been off work now for 15 weeks and they are not happy even though I have provided sick notes, they are calling me in for a meeting, I have worked since I was 16 years old! I feel no use to my husband, or my daughter, sometimes my husband has to bathe me as it's not a simple task for me and I'm only 33, any suggestions anyone, I'm tired, no energy and cannot breathe properly nor go out or downstairs in my own home.

  • Hi Monroe

    You are too young to be having such a rough time. I feel really badly for you. Have they done a breathing test? You need to put a post under your profile and you will get lots of advice. Now you are under Tinas post. More people will see it if you write your own. I wish you luck Monroe. Are you using inhalers?

    Rubyxx 😊 ☺

  • Hi ruby, thanks for responding I only joined this sight yesterday so I am new to this, I feel awful, I am on prednisolone, 8each morning, also symbicourt inhaler the highest dose at 400/12 also ventolin, they are sending me to an asta specialist mid June but I have been absent from work now since st Patricks day! And it seem now work are going the legal direction to get rid of me! The doctors keep saying I don't have infections etc and sometimes that the wheeze on my lungs are sometimes hardly there yet they say my lungs are struggling! I can barely walk 100 meters without having a coughing fit and bringing up lots of clear white phlem I just want this to stop now I've had enough!

  • Hi Tina why not see if there is a Breathe Easy club in your area, it is a great place to meet new people and make friends who understand how you are feeling, all the details are on the BLF site.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly ,actually joined the Breatheasy group in April ,great place for support & information and meeting people with medical problems like ourselves . Thanks Tina.x

  • Hi Monroe

    Sorry to hear you are struggling so much hun. Hopefully once you see your respiratory specialist they will get to the bottom of this and start you on the right medication. I hope you see an improvement very soon. When is your appointment? If it's not for a while, perhaps you can get them to see you sooner.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Hi Tina

    I can see where your bored. I am still getting around good ,so probably won't be of much help to you. I can tell you what I've learned from my mom. She is 87 yrs. old and lives by herself. Her legs are bad and she uses a walker. What I have learned from her is structure in your day. She does those word searches , she puts puzzles together, eats 3 healthy meals a day. If it's sunny,

    She sits out on her porch. She doesn't have a computer. Shes an inspiration to me. She never gets depressed.

    Can you try to walk a little farther each week? Are you on oxygen? I don't recall what stage copd you are. I have heard people on here, say they play scrabble with other people on their computers.

    There are so many things you can do. You just have to figure out what "your

    thing" is. Knitting is good. Chair exercises is another .take care

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby ,Funny that you should mention scrabble as I have just bought a magnetic version that you can use on your fridge which is really good. You can compose shopping lists , messages or just play scrabble ! Its great. Don't know which stage I am at with Copd but it is chronic ,I am on Spiriva ,Seratide plus 2 types of tablets to help with breathing. Also have bad Oesteoarthritis in all joints. My last blood tests suggested I may have Lupus , so have to see a specialist in July. I am not on oxygen yet thankfully ,but may do one day. By the way your mum sounds great , inspiration for us all. Cheers Tina.xx

  • Why don't you get yourself a mobility scooter, I have had one for about seven years now and wouldn't be without it. I can go out when I want to and you would be surprised how many people stop and have a chat. Keep smling

    Carole x

  • Hi Carol, Don't think I am quite ready for a scooter yet but I wont rule it out in the future ,the day may come when I need one. Cheers Tina.xx

  • Look up Futurelearn they have free course on all sorts of strange and wonderful things. You can do them at your leisure and if you want to pay out for a completion certificate you can.

    I have done a few now one was about heart and heart disease which I have, found it fantastic and opens the mind.

    Be Well

  • Those Futurelearn courses are excellent aren't they Offcut...I've done several of the history ones.

  • They so are I did the one on the first world war treaty and how the punished Germany to the extent the 2nd ww may not of happened if done differantly

  • Not the same World War 1 that I did was such an eye-opener...I also did the Richard 111...that was good.

  • I also like History, especially ancient history.

  • Good idea offcut , will look this up .Tina.xx

  • Hi

    I was like you some years ago, I still don't go out much now but my husband has retired, I started knitting again which I hadn't done for quiet a few years as I went back to work after having my children and didn't have time, there are lots of web sits if you have a hobby that you can talk to people or get help with what you do. or another thing is facebook I keep in touch with friend I used to work with and family and friends in New Zealand, I can also Skype people too which is video calling so we can see each other and speak, hope this helps

  • Hi Joyce , Do use Facebook now and then but can only use my keyboard for certain amounts of time due to arthritic hands ,so choose to use this site when I can ,far more interesting ha ha . My husband still has a few years until he retires but he still gets me out and about when he can. Tina xx.

  • Hi

    I retired 5 years ago due to ill health. Initially my husband was working 5 days a week. He then went part-time as my illness progressed. We've managed this by moving to a cheaper area. He spends his time off being my carer. This may be an idea for you. I also have a carer provided by the local authortity who takes me to my adult education classes. You need to contact the social worker at the local authority if you are interested. Please ask for help rather than staying in all the time.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Mandy, When my husband retires we hope to downsize but my husbands job means he has to work full time as he runs a Masonic hall which is a very busy catering business . At the moment I have my daughter who helps me out. Have taken note of your idea about education classes , another good idea. Cheers Tina. xx

  • Its really hard to even come to terms with this after you have been active I know myself, but after going in hospital when away the specialist there sent a letter to my Doctor with some recommendations, oone of which was for me to go on a Pulomonry course which I have completed. It is not only help with exercise but we had tea and coffee together, and had lost of information on projects and clubs etc. I did not know existed! I am hoping to go to pottery , continue the exercises and eventually take a computer course to learn more. It does sound good but dont be fooled I still have to arrange most which meansfinding the courage to go forward not back. I know its hard but Im going to try, and hope you will I wasted too long being at home, please try and best of luck to you

  • Hi, have also done the pulomonry course last year ,very good. Was advised to join the Breatheasy group which I now attend ,also good for help & advice ,they are going to refer me for help in loosing some weight which I am waiting to hear about . Tina.

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