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Hi new joiner from the states.. love all the good stuff i read here so i joined... i.m a 54 year old male smoked now for 40 years... 2 seperate chest exrays were normal all blood work were normal. but a ct scan showed mild markings of emphysema in centrlobal and upper outer lungs and doctor said very mild markings......i had a pft done that week and the results are below ... im very scared and trying to quit..... can this get worse if i quit? i now have this symptom were i have to take a deep breathe and i dont feel like im getting a good breathe everytime. fvc 105% .... fev1 98%......fev1/ fvc 93%...fef25 105%...fef75 50%.... fef25-75 75%dlco 112%... svc 98%... ic 106%....tgv 137%... rv 174%...tlc 122% rv/tlc 141%

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I have mild COPD

That dident appear until 10 yrs after I stopped smoking, but honestly you are better off quitting, as things will only get worse, get help from quit smoking groups etc, its better then eventually not being able to have a normal life, not being g able to walk good luck. Annette

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TY FOR THE REPLEY. im afraid that my emphysema will still progress even if i quit the ciggs... look at you after you quit you developed copd 10 years later....mt pulmonologist said my number and o2 sats are good and its mild and if i quit soon i shouldnt have any further problems.... but so manyh people i read about it gets worse regardless of quiting ciggs or they still get emphysema after they quit

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Hi Dennis, I think your results sound good😃 I wish mine were as good😃

Stop smoking if you're worried, you will feel better for it, you'll smell nicer, have more money and most importantly you will likely live longer!

It's essential to exercise and to get plenty of nutrition in your diet.

Get as much fun out of life as you can and always try to have a P.M.A. 😁🌼😚 huff xxx

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You do sound very mild so please stop worrying so much. I do understand though as it is a very scarey diagnosis. I was diagnosed as mild 6 years ago at 55 and am still mild. The doctor put it into perspective when he said old age will probably get me before the illness does. Unless you want to live to 120 that is! x

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Have had COPD since I was 50. Now 77. Use inhalers and medication. Have never smoked so if you stop now you should do well for years.

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HI M6, I gotta say, thats really

amazing! You've had copd for 27 years. If you don't mind me asking, what stage were you diagnosed at? Do you know what stage you are now? You must be doing something right!

Rubyxx 😊

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Seemed to come quickly after diagnoses. Coincided with opening of petroleum chemical plant who declare there are no problems with emissions. My Mum had asthma so it was decided I had late onset asthma, now COPD. My home is in the path of the prevailing wind from the plant so I'm not so sure about the hereditary factor

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Hi , Dennis, results do sound good ,like you I have smoked for over 40 years and have chronic Copd and Asthma .I am 57 years old and was diagnosed 10 years ago. I now also have osteoarthritis so struggle a lot with movement and breathing. Trying to stop smoking at the moment which is hard but with encouragement from other members will keep plodding on. Hopefully you can give up the cigs before things can get worse. Tina x.

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Hi Dennis - You don't say what symptoms made you go for the test? Those numbers are in the normal range.

Emps doesn't stop you having a deep breath in per se, it makes it difficult to empty your lungs to the very bottom -as shown in the two low %s.

Try the last bit of out breath gently thru pursed lips, so the small airway walls don't close. The numbers are great - and if emps, it is very early & mild and smoking cessation will halt deterioration- there'll still be age related deterioration, same as healthy people experience - which why pro footballers aren't often 40+ years old.

You've been lucky to get the heads-up - you should act on it... ditch the weed.... now.. & enjoy a long life with good quality.

Good luck.

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TY FOR YOUR RESPONSE... i initial had another bad cold and bronchitis which back on april 1st after 2 normal chest xrays in december and and january. i went to emergenct room where they did a ct scan which showed mild emphysema markings in my centralubluar and upper ouert lungs .... so i made an appointment with a pulmonologist who performed a full in booth pft... also he listened to my lungs etc.... i have been smoking ciggs for the past 40 years about 1 to 1 1/2 pcks per day and havent smoked weed in 32 years.... im clean and sober for the past 32 years but still smoke ciggs and really trying hard to quit....i feel like sometimes i have to take a deep breathe and i dont feel like im getting a good satisfying inhale breathe a;; the time.. i know i am though .... i purchased a pulde ox that you put on your finger and my o2 sat are usually between 94 and 99 ...... im afraid this will continue to spread rhoughout my lung no matter what because i read so many people get worse regardless of quiting smoking and some i read have developed emphysema many years after they quit smoking... also afraid im gonna getting very very when i do quit smoking from my lungs clearing out

They're the ones that don't quit when they get early signs, don't get medication sorted and don't do the exercise and nutrition to stay healthy. My numbers are better now than they were 5 years ago when diagnosed (eventually) and would have been better still if I'd had the care you're having from my GP when the problem first showed.

PS I don't know if you were joking, but it is the nicotine 'weed' I refer to... not the wacky baccy..lol!

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Dennis. With. COPD. There is. No cure. When I got ill 10 yrs ago. My DR. Said. The only thing that. You can do. That will have a intact on my illness. Was to stop. He explained that once. It's. Developed. That if you carry on smoking. That it's an Be very bad. Non stop. Non stop infection . I knew he was right you can do. And there's other advantages save money. You can taste. Found d better. In fact now you are ill. Really try. To ear. Really well. With good fresh healthy. Food I know it's not fair when you get ill. But. You have to be real getting bad. Lungs. You have to. Face facts. How. Can you still smoke we all know it's bad for us. Even when we are well. If. You carry onit will get. Worse. It's a bad illness do not make it worse. It can and does. Kill. So. Get real. And plan it. So. You do it. Have blind faith. Get. To. Day 1. Then just A day at a time. When you get to day 10 / 14. You. Will. Be so happy. You. Will. Do so. Plan. Set a day. Make sure. You put things in place. Dennis. Mr friend. Have faith. That you can do it. And you will. Good bye. .

does anyone know if all lungs hperinflate because I think ill die when that happens and is there anyonr

I believe I will not survive long with this disease because I am not mentally well enough and I am afraid of dying like this also is there someone who has diabetes who can give me advice I have mild emphysema so far help

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