hi I am a 54 yr old female and have been just diagnoised with pmr . I do not want to take steriods so can any one suggest how to avoid them . my dr put me on 15mg for 3 weeks I only took them for 3 days . I do not like side effects at all and think I will suffer with pain :( MY pmr seems to be worse in my hands and wrist left hand being more painful . I have been eating tylenol arthritis pills and seem to help but have to rake 2 every 4hrs or so . was wondering if any one has tried accupunture , or massage therphy and what were the results . I am a server at a very busy resturant and need to work for a few more yrs please help

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  • HI Kellyjo,

    Welcome to the forum, but I am wondering if pmr is polymyalgia rheumatic? If it is I cannot help you with any information about this, although there may be others here who have this. I am also unsure if you have a lung condition, so just in case you have come to the wrong forum here is a link to a PMR forum. I have heard of some success stories with acupuncture although it seems to work for some and not for others.

    Good luck.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • no it is not a lung condition I think I am on the wrong site sorry it is a n arthritius condition although I do have copd but have quit smoking 8 months ago so putting that on the back burner for now :) great getting old ehh :) I am also form canada

  • Hi Kelly,

    Welcome anyway, and you can always stick around here if you want to. Its a great forum, and well done on quitting smoking, as it is bound to help.

    I gave you a link to a PMR site, but haven't looked around it, so don't know how active it is or anything, but it might be worth a look.

    I can understand you not wanting to take steroids, but I am not sure of the alternatives, so it would be worth looking into.

    Do you have pain clinics in Canada? There is a good pain forum on HU called Pain Concern, so you might get some useful advice there.

    Where about in Canada are you from? We have a number of members from the US, but not sure about Canada.

    I live in Scotland where the weather is just beginning to improve from Winter.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • hey huggs yes we have pain clinics here in canada i am from nova scotia , our weather is just getting nice now as well brutal winter lots of snow . been doing lots of reserch on pmr and i am waiting to see a specialist so till then it is tylenol which makes it able for me to work . yes I will stay with this site as well but did not get the link for pmr thnkas kelly

  • Hi Kelly,

    You didn't get the link? Not sure if you mean it wasn't on my reply, or if it didn't work. On my screen it is on my reply, and I have just checked it, and it works ok. I will try again.

    It should be directly above this line! Hope it works this time.

    I have seen plenty of Novia Scotia on TV and it looks great with plenty of snow. lol Its pretty wild looking there.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

    ps If the link doesn't work this time, you might want to try typing it into your address bar.

  • hey huggs it no longer exists I will find something thanks for your help

  • I just checked it again, and redone it, and it should work this time. Me no very techie! lol It definitely works now.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi Kellyjo, I was diagnosed with PMR four years ago and was on steroids for 18 months starting on 60mg. Took me ages to reduce them. Now I persevere without them and the only time I take steroids is when I`m having a COPD exacerbation. A word of warning though if you have severe headaches you really must take the steroids because a side effect of PMR is temporal arteritis and without immediate steroid treatment you can go blind and there`s no cure after that. I did try acupuncture but I`m sorry to say it had no effect. Best wishes to you, Sheila x

  • thanks shelia i have been having headaches not bad more like sinius pressure across my nose . and it is allergry seasons so could be that . I really do not want to take steriods they had me on 40 mg for 5 days which took away the pain . then was off for 2 days and pain came back , then perscribed 15 mg for 3 weeks well i only took for 3 days and took myself off them . waiting to hear from specialist . thanks again

  • My husband had PMR/Temporal arteritis ten years ago. He started on 80mg reducing over twelve months to nil. It is the only treatment without steroids you can lose your sight. My husband was admitted to hospital for the first two weeks of treatment. Please take advise from your specialist before stopping treatment.

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