My beautiful mum update x

Hi think a year may have passed since last on here, time flies when ur busy. Well my mum still smiling and never complaining but after 25 years with her consultant they discharged her from liverpool heart and chest and is now under liverpool royal but not having much luck :-( they wanted to try her on xolair injection but needed her to have s bronchial test which unfortunately mum can't get through so now awaiting next option, has anyone been on these injections i would be interested to know your thoughts. Also as mum is rather frail she struggles carrying her oxygen does anyone know if you can get smaller and llighter portables on NHS but not liquid oxygen as we live in flats so it's not allowed. Anyway thanks wishing you all a peaceful day!! Xx

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  • Hi there are some very small cylinders about that carry the same amount of O2 as a CD but I cannot remember what they r called something like PD but not sure have u tried ringing your O2 provider or ask the engineer when he next comes service conentrater they r often an mind information. .take care

  • Thanks i have arranged an appointment with her oxygen nurse to discuss what other options are out there. But i will ask our oxygen provider as well. Many thanks!

  • The smaller size is ZA. Its about half the size of the CD.

  • Hi bmb64. I don't know if you have already done so but if you ask the oxygen people they could bring her a small carrier that your Mum can pull around the house. It's like a tiny carrier on wheels. Hope this helps.

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