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Hi. I have just been diagnosed with what my doctor calls "mild" copd.

He actually diagnosed cronic bronchitis.

My spirometry was excellent and apparently i have mild damage to the lungs.

However. My cough is horrendous.

I have no infection and was put on spiriva and frostair inhaler.

Think were under control for a couple of months and now things are back to normal. Cough cough cough.

My breathing is quite good.

Is this just a matter of finding the right medication ?. I'm knackered with the coughing and seem like im being a nuisance.

Many thanks for any advice


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Hi and welcome, I have had a productive cough for ages, but my GP recommended a hot drink made with lemon and honey...I know it's an old fashioned was also mentioned on a BBC programme too ....but it does seem to help.

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Hi. It sounds good as a sleeping remedy but im worn out with this. I am in full time work and couldn't possibly work with this cough. Never mind the stigma.

If its this bad in the early stages then i dread it deteriating

Hi Mick, you might find after a few weeks the inhalers kick in and your cough will go. Extra pillows are good ,better sitting up elevated.Manuka honey in warm water and Elderflower cordial, suck a zube maybe😃

I have severe emphysema but cough very little, I'm on Spiriva and find it does help in opening the airways.

Hope that annoying cough goes soon, 😃 huff xxx

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Thanks Huffer.

Ive had the inhaler 2 months and it was fantastic but now it just Doesn't seem to work at all.

I'll have a go at alternatives and see how it works.

Thanks for you advice

Hi are you only on 1 inhaler? When I was diagnosed with mild copd I was given symbicort which opens the airways, Spiriva to help strengthen the lungs, and ventolin inhaler for as and when breathing become difficult.

If you are on the ventolin try increasing it's use and this should help the cough. Also if you are coughing badly having a couple of puffs will help a lot. x

Hi. Thanks.

Im on frostair 2 puff morning and night and also spiriva once daily.

Im back at doctors this afternoon. Hopefully to suggest something new.

Thanks for your suggestions x

Hi Mick.

Have you seen a specialist or is it just your GP doing the diagnosis? There are a whole bunch of lung (and other) conditions that can cause a chronic cough, and these may exist alongside COPD, asthma etc.. For a proper diagnosis you need full lung function tests, x-ray and (importantly) CT scan, and these can only be arranged by a hospital consultant. If you haven't had these, hassle your doctor for a referral.

Best of luck, Monkey

Thanks Monkey. I'll have a go at him but you know how hard it is to get anything from the GPs these days.

ill let you know him response

Hi Mike,I agree with monkey,sounds as though it needs to be taken further with a specialist.It might be a long wait ,I a m still waiting but at least you would be on the list.A lot of us are on Spiriva and I was the same it worked fantastic for a while but my breathing though not fantastic is better than it was.I saw my pulmonary nurse this morning and she lowered my dosage of Clenil which is a preventive and upped my usage of Ventolin.I get a cough occasionally but I have asthma and Bronchiectasis.My worse thing now is tiredness,a very dry mouth from the Spiriva and acid reflux which went and now has come back.Have you got a pulmonary nurse at your Dr's surgery.Mine is great.There are different strengths to most puffers and medications.Like huff I keep upright and do find the honey drink soothing.I do hope your cough goes soon. mags

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Saw my doc again and seems to think its a infection at the base of my lung. More antibiotics and he's changes my inhaler to symbicort.

He said he's transferring me for scans etc if this doesn't work.

He reckons im very early stage and my sats are 97% hence the infection theory but im not so sure. Hopefully this inhaler will help but we will see.

No pulmonary nurse im afraid but i will say this. If this is early stage im not looking forward to the years ahead. Im looking at alternative therapy. If it works ill be shouting it from the rooftops.

Glad i found this forum. Thanks for your help x

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