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COPD, LUNG DIEASE : Water Retention & Swelling

I have been having lots of fun with my microscope SO I thought I would share few of my findings .. :)

Some helpfull and some just interesting .. I was amazed to see that we don't just excrete pee from our bits it floats about our bodies to via lymphatic system and we sweat it out to BUT our diseased bodies and lymphatic system needs help moving stuff round our bodies "tepid pool" comes to mined if we don't move around.

Anyway like most lung diseased suffers I know it's not always easy moving excersising especially if chair bound looking at bits swelling.

BUT I am all for anything we can do to help our self especially if chair bound to help our lymphatic system our autoimmune health

So like myself I was surprised that a humble rocking chair can help lymphatic system swelling .

Here is link on importance of lymphatic system and excersise


As with everything we talk about always seek medical advice from your GP doctor


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As it states in the lymphatic paper it can be good to massage but it could be very bad to if there are other problems. So all the more reason to do a full test not poke about on a tunneled view of a problem. I see the rocker as great asset even if it means slight movement of the legs to rock will act as a pump for the blood.

Be Well

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Hi Offcuts .. Defo agree with you there ... Think you would need more than a rocking chair ;)

I have struggled with various eliminate of my condition and best advice I got from my doctor was eat a banana


Did this last year very interesting


Shows whats out there.

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Hi great links cheers :)

what does banana do?? Interesting MmeT

Hi Dennis, interesting post, in my working years i used to regularly have aromatherapy massage and found it very beneficial for my skin and hair and sleep. It does have to be used with care if medical problems are present. Fascinating about urine elination. I read somewhere about sleep & hoe we lose calories through breathing. Keep up the research, Somewhere near you there is a college course just waiting for you. Love Margaret x

Hi Scorpiolass my next investmant is going to be rocking chair ;) might even keep me warmer of winter

Even eat my banana wile using it podering the world n my lot ;)

Cheers glad you liked my post ;)


Interesting stuff Denis,as always thanks!D.

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Hi FamerD cheers yer i was not going to talk about pee on microscope slide

Did wonder how it got there now i know ;)

Yer is all intresting stuff tho really BUT still know closer to finding out whats going on

Think i need DNA code stuff

Anyway nice to see ya farmerD ;) hope all is well your end of the woods ;)

Interesting post Daz and could be why Pete has swollen ankles. He does not do too well on any water tablets so I will try and get him moving around a bit more now he has had his back done. Thanks for the info. Take care xxx

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Hi Sassy59 Cheers thanks yer did see ya post about pete hope is ok

Do get easly distracted then forget stuff

Would defo try him on comfy rocking chair

Hope it works for him and he starts feeling better

Cheers thanks again :)

Thanks Daz, Pete is doing ok and just trying to get someone round to tweek the programmer - not too much though as don't want him jumping out of the chair. Take care xxx :)

Hi sassy59 cheers yall have to watch how the programe him lol

For when is being mean ;)

Dofo agree you dont want him doing out like that ;)

Cheers thanks ;)

Hi Daz I did a PR course a few months ago and we were told that chest always seem worse on getting up this is because of lying flat and also exercise was very important no matter whether we do it in a chair or on a tread mill.

I'm looking at rocking chairs and recliners

Hi onamission cheers thanks yer i had mri scan and was hard to breath lay on back.

Is important we excersise even its just on rocking chair.

Al be defo be investing in on ... beats meds side effects

Thanks again cheers ;)

before I was diagnosed with COPD I noticed that I had swelling around and under my eyebrows which upon research I concluded was a sign of problems with my lymphatic system and which unfortunately I still have so this is very interesting to me - thank you and for the good visual of the system - take care xx

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WHAT a very nice couple of articles thank you for sharing.

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