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My New Breathing Machine!

My new shiny breathing machine arrived today. It's on a little trolley thingy so I can pull it about...it plugs into the cigar lighter in the car to make the battery last longer when you go out anywhere and it makes enough noise to frighten the entire street!

Oddly enough it didn't come from my usual supplier...it came from British Oxygen and was delivered by a dour and totally humourless young man who wouldn't consider setting foot in the cottage until all the dogs were outside...Millie was fast asleep, but he stayed on the front doorstep peering through the glass in the front door until he was sure Himself had put her outside.

I did ask if he'd 'phoned last week and spoken to me...says he didn't but I think he was fibbing...he looked a bit shifty when I 'fessed up that I'd thought it was a cold call...

Anyway he plugged the machine in and then discovered he'd forgotten to include the battery...that'll come tomorrow apparently.

And he left two ambulant tanks...as back-ups...I already have three from Baywater so now there's little excuse to run out...

I signed all his bits of paper and then he went.

Brendan and Malachi for their cheeriness and chat, beat him hands down...and Malachi is much sexier.

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Well one out of three young men who appeal to you is not bad going Vashti - and you will be able to much further now you have so many backup tanks!

Hello...not met with you before! The back ups are a bonus, it's the new machine I was most looking forward to 'cos now I can go out further...for a whole day! And I don't have to carry it...

Oooo....Malachi is lovely...lol

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Can you get a photo of this gorgeous fella,for us all to see?

No stopping you now vashti and you enjoy your happy thoughts about Malachi and Brendan too - why not I say. Take care xxx

No harm in looking...lol


:) xxxxx

Hi Vashti that's great news, exactly you will be flying around the place

Now, it wil give you a great boost too.

Loved the piece about the Asylum , God knows what treatment they gave

The poor patients then. Ooh I'm glad we are living now not back then, we

Have to be thankful for Small mercies.

Hannah x

Great news hope it gets you to the places that seemed a dream before.

I have 2 machines, both are concentrators the big one is about 2 feet tall and I have to turn up my account because of the heat that it puts out and it is super loud. The only good thing about it is the built in humidifier. Then I have a small one, about the size of a purse. I carry it or hang it from the back of my wheelchair, it has the car plug and 2 batteries. The down side is that I like to talk so it beeps if I don't breath for a certain amount of time.

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Lady Libra would you mind letting me know what make and model your machine that you put on the back of your wheelchair is please? Vashti would you also do the same for me please. Thank you so much. I have a portable concentrator that plugs into the car but it seems very heavy. If I did not have my Carer with my I don't think I would be able to get it in and out of the car on my own. This is why I am very interested in seeing what other people are using. Thank you.

Mine is called an Eclipse...it'd be far too heavy for me to lift on my own...it weighs 18lb's but I'm totally pathetic when it comes to anything that weighs more than a paper bag!

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I checked it out on their web site and you can get advice from their online chat system. Their machines look as if they are very good quality. The features are very much like my I-Go machine but I thought they looked better quality than mine. Thank you for sharing Vashti. Xxx

That British Oxygen sounded a grumpy so and so. Maybe he has been attacked by a dog in the past. Wouldn't have hurt him to crack a smile.

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