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Tablet changes

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As a person that has lung problems , and other medical conditions , I have to take quite a lot of medication . I am sick of the changes in tablets ,I do understand they have to go for the cheapest option, but why change shape . It's very confusing for me , and it must be awful for people that are partialy sighted ,demeture patients ,etc etc Can't they just keep to one shape and size . Rant over

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Morning Kookie, I'm not good with taking any medicine and recently ,mistakenly put a Omeprazole for the G.E.R.D. in my Spiriva handihalor thing, sucked and nothing happened so opened it up and to my surprise was covered in tiny white polystyrene type balls!! I never thought of opening one up before, at least they seem to stop the terrible indigestion!😁

I hope the rest of your bank holiday Monday goes well, hugs huff xxx


Thank you huff .You to have a good day . Kookie 85


You are so right Kookie! But my problem is mostly the colour. I'm sick to death of the colour of my tablets changing! I take several different capsules, and the colours of the ones that are constantly changing the most are Omeprazole, Carbocisteine, and Gabapentin and Azithromycin. Each batch I get is different. When I make up my pill box for the day I have to be so careful.

The chemist says he has to get them where they are the cheapest.


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Yes I'm on all of them it should't be allowed its dangerous . xx

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It can be confusing Kookie but nobody seems to think of that. My hubby takes lots of tablets and likes things to stay as they are. He has not done too badly so fingers crossed for everyone and their meds. Take care. xx


I agree. But I am sure they do it to make there own marks so they can be identified in case of a dodgy batch.


If you're finding the change in meds confusing hun maybe you could have a word with your pharmacist. My pharmacist changed supplier of one of my regular drugs, (and I know this sounds a bit ironic but it tasted really chemically - yuk). I explained this to him and he never gives me that particular brand. Might be worth a try. Have to say mind I have the most brilliant pharmacist.


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