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Went to see my doctor Friday and she asked me to chase up my appointment for the CT scan when I phoned radiology at Torbay hospital I was told it would not be till July! And that was for an emegency appointment! Phoned my doctor who then got onto radiology and my appointment arrived yesterday for 1st of June. Doctor has told me it is a possible lung tumour.

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  • Sorry to hear that Jan. I hope that it proves to be something else. Sometimes docs say too much until there's a definitive diagnoses and cause a lot of worry. Hope all turns out well. M x

  • Thank you, I am hoping & praying it is something else x

  • You don,t say why your Dr thinks as she does. If it is an iregularity on an Xray, it can be a number of things. I hope it is something else Jan. I have been more worried by Dr,s ' conversational' remarks that don,t appear in letters or records, than the reality of a diagnosis. Sometimes doctors underestimate their impact on us. Love Margaret x

  • Thank you, I had 2 x-Rays that show a white mass on the top of my right lung... Jan x

  • Hi fingers crossed it is nothing serious. I live in Torbay as well! x

  • Where in Torbay are you? Jan x

  • Torquay. You? x

  • Paignton x

  • I hope everything will turn well for you. Will be thinking if you. Sorry I'm jumping in but was so pleased to hear there are others in Torbay. I live in Brixham. Recently when H U asked to be linked to people near you it came up the nearest people to me were Plymouth!! Try to keep thinking positively, barnowl

  • Hi Barnowl, no problem jump in anytime lol I didn't get any links. I am trying to be positive but it is hard x

  • Good luck with your scan - I will be having one soon and I am claustrophic so it will be grrrreat fun!!?????

  • Hi Louisiana ,I had a ct scan....the machine was doughnut shape, not the tunnel one....it was fine.

  • The leaflet I had with my appointment said that it's not a tunnel

  • Thanks Jan - I can breathe easy for a while :) - that's a stupid remark since I am in the middle of a fully blown infection (yet again) - but it does "sound" good... :) :) :)

  • Oh! that's given me hope! :) Thank you

  • Good luck with your scan.. Jan x

  • Hello Louisianna, I am claustrophobic but CT scan is fine, referred to as a doughnut. Your head is outside. The tunnel is a MRI scan and I coped with that by having hubby holding my hands which I was holding above my head. Unfortunately the magnetism if the scanner sucked his glasses off, but all was well. They also give you a choice if music to listen to as it can be bit noisy. I was fine so Zinio think any other claustrophobic people should be able yo cope. Good luck with your scan and I hope the results are good for you,


  • Oh! you angel for telling me this! I had visions of being inside the tunnel and panicking....you are obviously very brave. It's weird really as I have never been claustrophic in my life until 8 years ago, and it has slowly become worse...haven't got a clue why that's happened. Ah well. I won't be worrying about the CT scan now....it's funny how everything is relative. I was worried sick about the bronchoscopy I was going to have last Friday but then I was told that my lungs are so bad they wouldn't ever give me a bronchoscopy...so, one way that was a relief but another way the diagnosis wasn't....can't have it all can we. By the way, you are lucky to have someone hold your hands.......:) :) :) Hope his glasses survived! Take care and many thanks again for the information and good wishes. I will let you know how I get on. :) Take care. :)

  • Thinking of you and good luck barnowl

  • Thanks! :)

  • Sorry to hear that news jan but let's hope things work out well for you anyway. The important thing is that your scan is to be done soon. Good luck to you and take care. xxx

  • thank you xx

  • Thinking of you Jan, very glad your is on side, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, hugs huff xxx

  • Thank you x

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