Cold getting worse

Hi everyone.

I just had my spirometer test results it was 56% last year it was 66% and the year before that it was 75%.

I gave up smoking straight away when I was first diagnosed with copd but it's still getting worse. I must admit I have let my fitness level drop very low as I panic when I get breathless. I think I need to start again but don't know where to start. Anybody have any advice on how to get myself back in shape please. At the moment my exercise level is zero



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  • Sorry to hear the results were not what you would have wanted. Ask your GP to put you on a Pulmonary Rehab course. You'll be assessed before an exercise program me is compiled for you. There's usually at least one nurse and one physio in attendance at the sessions and they'll be able to help you with overcoming the panic you feel when breathless. Useful talks on diff aspects of lung disease too. Lots of here have done this and give positive feedback. Good luck.

  • It's a vicious circle because I'm on steroids at moment and my fitness is low but I did do the pulmonary classes and it does help but at the moment hard to motivate myself with having the bad chest at moment but give it a try I'm sure it will help good luck and best wishes..

  • Hi Roger

    Sorry to hear you are not doing so well.

    Here is a link from the BLF site - it might help.

    Here is a link to some you tube videos that you may find useful

    Any exercise is better than non so just stick with what you are comfortable with.

    Take care Roger I hope you improve soon - don't give up.


  • Hi Roger,if you can swim that's a good way of getting back into the saddle so

    to speak, that's how I did it anyway, I think you and I are of a similar age so go for it!

  • Hi Roger

    The BLF Shop has a free DVD produced by ACPRC (The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care) to help people with lung conditions exercise safely at home. BLF just require a £1.00 donation to post it to you.



  • I just take a slow walk to the shops, with a 'Granny' trolley in tow... it carries the weight of the shopping, and can be used as a prop when having a bout of breathlessness. I always put a inhaler in the trolleys back pocket, so it there if I forget to bring one. it a gentle way to get out, get moving and there is always something nice as reward ......

  • Hi Roger, spirometry results do sometimes vary. Last year at my second PR, i was breathless on movement and it took it out of me to walk slowly across a room. This year I haved moved from fev1 44% to 64%. Now, i walk every day, along with this i have lost 2 stone, with diet and walking. Really pleased as i have thyroid and mild type 2 problems as well. I go see the Consultant again in July, i am fully expecting my results to be on the up... originally, many years ago i was diagnosed with asthma, about 10 years ago, it became copd. Consultant says i have copd but he is also going to do an asthma test next visit. I don,t understand why now, when i am better than i have been for years. But there you go. Do ask for a a pr referal and try an exercise video, you will probably start very slow and breathless but over time you will improve. Love Margaret x

  • Good morning Roger1952. The best thing I can advise is talking to your doctor and asking him/her to refer you to Pulmonary Rehab. There you will learn exercises you will be able to do and all the information you need to live with this disease, they will also answer any questions and allay any fears you may have. When you get breathless, sit down, relax and do pursed lip breathing, breath in to the count of 3 and breath out as if you are blowing up a balloon to the count of 6, do this for about five minutes or until your breathing eases. Don't be afraid to get breathless, it is a bit scary but is not going to kill you, just try and relax and breath easy. Take care xx

  • Hi there ,the first stop is your GP ,and ask him to refer you to pulmary rehab, it's usually an 8 week course of education on medication ,self help and light excersise,I first did the course in 2008 ,and I have had a few more sessions over the years after infections,but it's brilliant ,,, you won't regret it ,

  • Wow! Graham. That's a wild statement you made stating you have information that really does work for ANYONE who has COPD.

    Vitamin supplementation may work for some people who are severely vitamin deficient but there is no data to prove it works for 'anyone' who has COPD.

  • helenann12. That is excellent news from Carolg1 but because Vitamin A and D is working for your wife and Carolg1 does not mean that it will work for 'anyone'. It is evidently working well for two people. I'm concerned people will think this Vitamin therapy is a cure-all for everyone with COPD and I think it's unwise for it to be presented in this this way.

    Again I mean no offence. I too am taking these vitamins in the hope that they might work for me. I have been taking Vit D for many years and recently added in Vit. A after reading your posts. So far I see no sign of improvement but perhaps it will take more time. I would be interested to know for how long

    Carolg1 has been taking these vitamins..

  • Hi Roger, sorry to hear you are not so well. Have you tried asking for a g.p. reference to a local gym. People there are specially trained to help many different sorts of health issues. One gentleman I saw there could not walk alone. 9 months later he uses the rowing machine etc. As for myself my breathing has improved with the exercises they suggested for me and as I improve I have been given new ones. I did not get on as well as this on pulmonary rehab. but maybe I was not as fit to start with. Discuss it with your g.p. and have go at either. Oh there is a small fee at the gym and after the initial sessions you can join at a reduced rate. I pay 20 p0und a month for as many sessions as I want. I believe this scheme is operated nationally.

    Hope this is of some help and do keep trying to do some expertise even if it arm chair type. Best wishes barnowl

  • Hi,

    theres some great info in replies. I want to add two links for you, one is to youtube and is a seated pulmonary exercise we can follow along with, its professional with some helpers. It helps to do it on waking, to get going for the day.

    The other is a Pulmonary rehab specialist called Dr Noah Greenspan. He has done quite a lot of webinars, they explain why we get breathless, how to deal with it and how to improve so we aren't getting as breathless. I find his info in plain language, easy to understand, and inspiring. He is very positive. Hope it helps. Go to the archives on the site and they are all there.


  • My COPD was diagnosed back in 2003 but I believe I have had it since 1995, when I was living in New York and a Dr diagnosed very mild COPD. I thad quit smoking in 199as I felt breathless climbing stairs. I am 65 now and last year was told I had severe COPD , severe pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure and on 1/2 litre of oxygen minimum 15 hours daily despite doing basic yoga exercise and walking etc. However, I still work 3 days a week in Admin. The most important thing is exercise. Do as much as you can. I don't think I did enough. Then again I have had COPD for over 20 years so I think I am doing OK.


    All the best

  • Thank you all for your replies. I am going to make an appointment with my gp and see if I can get on the pulmonary rehabilitation course. Plus I'm going to send of for that video somebody mentioned.

    Thanks again


  • Roger try this exercise it may increase you lung capacity.

    Breath in and hold your breath for as long as you can.

    Release and do it again until you can't do it any more.

    When I started, I struggled to hold it for 10 seconds, after several trys, I doubled it to 20 seconds. The more you do it the longer you can hold your breath. Try it

    daily or several times a day. It helped me, good luck


  • Thank' I shall give that a go


  • I tried what you suggested and can hold my breath for 75 seconds.

    Is that good?


  • I think my previous post sounded a bit out of place? I tried holding my breath and managed 75 seconds. Now I have no idea if that is good or not although I would imagine it is quite good. What I can't understand is why did my Spiro test come back as 56% and I can barely walk 50 yards or even go upstairs in my home to use the bathroom without getting so bad out of breath I have to use my rescue inhaler

    Regards Roger.

  • Hi Roger

    Great replys most inportant if you can exercise try build up on treadmill keep walking and keep active if you can.

    Good luck


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