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The Last Badger Perhaps?

It's been a truly horrible day...wet and I've been hunched over the laptop trawling through Ancestry again.

Yeomen and more Yeomen and a sprinkle of Landed Proprietors...a few Quakers...and then back to earth with a bump. Workhouses and Ag Labs and children employed on farms when they were only seven years old and girls who couldn't write their own names when they married and had to make their mark instead...

And then I found out that the name Woolpit in Suffolk was originally called Wolfpit because it is thought the last Wolf in England was put in a pit in the village before being is said the last Wolf was killed in the 1500's but the date varies according to the account you read...

Irelands last Wolf was killed in the 1700's but then we've always been slightly behind everyone is said he was shot by an irate farmer who'd found him munching on a dead sheep.

I'd had no idea either that Wolves were used for Baiting in the same way as Bulls and Bears...maybe the sort of people who enjoyed such 'sport' were the Late Middle Ages version of our thugs who practice dog-fighting nowadays.

Now we hunt Foxes and gas Badgers and shoot Pheasants that'd are so tame they practically sit still enough to be picked up...the Irish Hare isn't the stuff of strange legends any shape-shifting for those beautiful animals who race ahead of you on quiet boreens...huge ears alert and they're hunted by grubby men who come from crowded estates in the dubious areas of big towns, driving enormous 4x4's with Lurchers crammed in a box pulled behind...they wear combat trousers and tight t-shirts...arms covered in unpleasant tattoos...big brave men they are.

Maybe the Bear baiting could be put down to ignorance about animals and that is wasn't understood that they have souls and can feel distress and fear...Hare coursing and gassing Badgers...pursuing Foxes with a pack of hounds...what excuse will the people of the future come up with to explain our need to kill.

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I think these cruel type,( I won't call them people ) should be hounded to the ground too, I heard on the news last week that fox hunting with hounds maybe allowed again, this is a real cruel act,( I won't call it sport ) . If for any legitimate reason an animal has to be killed let it be a good clean shot,or an even kinder way,NOT ripped apart by a pack of wild dogs,


Hello Vashti, what a thought provoking post. I've just posted a picture of Max , he's my little wolf cub and he's enjoying exploring the world at the moment , learning where he stands in his 'pack' :)

It sure has been hard on the animals , mankind has killed off so many species and it's still happening now as you know. :(

Ancestry is a fascinating subject to study , I love the things you discover :) it makes me glad its 2015 :) hugs huff xxxx


I can't bear the thought of foxhunting returning. I am not vegetarian but i think there is a world of difference between a quality of life for an animal, a humane kill for food and animals suffering to give perverted pleasure. I am astounded how cruelly people treat animals, across the world. In some countries animals are tortured to death so they release fear hormones.

When I look in Ollies eyes it diffiicult to imagine anyone hurting him; for money, pleasure, greed.

Ancestry is fascinating, you never know what you are going to find. I had quite a shock ; apparently bigamy was rife in Ww1.

Started me off here Vashti, as Hug comments a thought provoking post. Love Margaret x


The way humans have ruined this beautiful planet, it makes me wonder if humans were indeed put here by aliens way back in the mists of time.

Why is it all the animals live in harmony with nature? The only humans who live in harmony with nature, would seem to be the Australian Aborigines and the tribes who live in the rain forests.

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