Pete's home and doing well

Just to let all you kind and caring people on here know that Pete's back surgery went very well yesterday and they let him come home just after 2pm. He has to take things easy for 3 months, no lifting, over stretching etc. and the stimulator is working well. Pete does feel rather bruised and sore as it all had to be done under local anaesthetic but he had a wonderful team looking after him so thanks to all at Southampton Hospital. This op was a long time coming but hopefully now Pete will get the pain relief he deserves.

Thanks to those, you know who you are, who sent such lovely messages of support and Pete and I really do appreciate every single one of you.

Take care all and breathe well.

Love, Carole (sassy59) xxxxxx

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  • Great news Carole, I'm so pleased it went well and hope Pete feels better each and every day, huff xxx

  • Thank you so much huff. It was a stressful time but over and done with now. Just have to make sure Pete doesn't overdo things. xxxx

  • what good news, you must both be exhausted. Looks like the weather is improving now, perfect for relaxing. Best wishes, Iris x

  • We are weary Iris but it is lovely to have Pete home now. Take care and wishing you well. xxx

  • That is excellent news, Carole. See, crossing fingers does work! xx

  • It certainly does Toci - I have crossed everything and that worked too. Bless you. xxxxx :)

  • Good news about Pete Sassy & hopefully there will be less strain on you. I hope he is fully recovered soon. Love Margaret x

  • Thank you Margaret and have a good weekend. xxxx

  • It's nice to have good news !

  • Well said Puff. xxxx

  • They say 'no pain no gain' but in this case I don't think it counts, right. Wish Pete luck from me and lets hope that stimulator becomes the pain terminator. Hasta la vista baby.

    Tony xxx

  • You make me smile Tony, which is no bad thing. I am sure the stimulator will help lots and terminate that terrible pain. Hope you are doing alright at the moment and still exercising when you can.

    Sending you good wishes,

    Carole xxxx

  • I so agree flibberti and thanks for your kind wishes. I am sure Pete is on the up now but he could not wait to be out of the hospital. He is much happier at home and I am used to looking after him so no worries there.

    Lots of love and good wishes to you too. xxx

  • Brilliant news Carole that it's over at long last and Pete's safely back at home.

    I do hope the load is lessened for you now. It must have been so hard for you to watch him suffer. Take care of yourself too.

    Sara xxx

  • You are so right Sara, seeing someone you care about suffering like that is terrible. Here's to a pain free future. xxxx

  • Awesome news Carole and lovely to hear that Pete's back home. Sending lots of love to you both :-) xxx

  • Thanks Lyn and lots of love to you too. xxxx

  • Great news. It's finally over and done with. It must be such a relief for you both. I hope he recovers quickly and reaps the benefits from now on. xx

  • Huge relief casper and the stimulator is working well. xxxx

  • That's fantastic news. I had back surgery myself last Xmas and I have had

    Amazing results. Tell him to take it easy.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah and so glad you are doing well with your back. Pete is taking it easy. Take care xxxx

  • Good morning Sassy59, Carole, Delighted to hear your darling Pete is home from hospital,hopefully he will soon be pain free, I am sure he is receiving loads of TLC. Have a good weekend, Very best wishes, Bulpit

  • So kind of you Bulpit and Pete is getting lots of special treatment. Luckily we have family close by so I am getting help too. Best wishes to you. xxx

  • At last!

    Great news Carole. Hope he - and you- had a very good night and Pete is feeing some relief. P xx

  • Better night last night and Pete doing well thanks peege. xxx

  • Hi, hope all is still going well 😃😃😃😃

  • All is fine apart from the stimulator not working properly as it is not programmed in the right way. The young chap from the Company spoke to Pete in recovery and set things up for him but Pete did not really take it all in as he was still a bit out of it. He cannot get anything up to show him what programme he is on so the pain relief is not kicking in down his leg and into his calf. Roll on Tuesday so we can hopefully get some help.

    You take care peege. xxxxxxx :)

  • On no what a shame (to put it mildly). Will be thinking of him, you too, until Tuesday. Will you have to go back down to S'hampton? P

  • I don't think he will need to go back to Southampton as the rep works at another hospital near to us so we could maybe meet him there or he could come to our home. It is a nuisance but no major drama. I should have thought to ask about the programming when seeing Pete after surgery but he just wanted to get home. It will all be sorted soon I'm sure.

    Hope you are keeping well. xxxx

  • So pleased to hear that Pete is home. Wishing him a speedy and pain free recovery. Remember to look after yourself xxx

  • Thanks TAD and all good so far. xxxx

  • Hi Carole,

    What great news for you both, and you must be so relieved to be home again with Pete. It seems very soon to be discharged after back surgery, but Pete will get more rest at home, and hope he takes it easy, and gets some relief soon.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Nice to be out of the hospital and good to be home. Take care hugs. xxxx

  • Get well soon!

  • Thanks Offcut. xxx

  • Good news finally Sassy. I hope he will feel better very soon. Make sure you both get lots of rest and take it easy for a while. Lots of lovexxx

  • Thanks jenss. Making sure Pete behaves himself. xxxx

  • A huge thank you to everyone who has sent such lovely comments regarding Pete and his back surgery. I cannot tell you all how much it means to both of us. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Bank Holiday weekend. Take care all, you are wonderful. xxxxxxxx

  • " So happy Carole to read about Pete's good news...And i bet you now can breath."excuse the pun..not intended." Hehehehehe..Lie's.. it was intended...sshhhhhhh...Breath a massive sigh of relief....say a big Helloooooooo!!!!.. to Pete for me...hope you both have a lovely safe and relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend........xx.Megan."

  • Thanks Megan and I have breathed a huge sigh of relief believe me! lol It is so good to have Pete home again and on the road to recovery. I will say helloooooo to him from you...thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. Wishing you a happy Bank Holiday too. Carole xx :)

  • Hi Sassy that's really good to hear, it won't be long before he feels the benefit now, he's waited long enough. Take care xx

  • Thank you Sheilab 123 and Pete certainly has waited a very long time. Take care xxxx

  • The very best of good wishes to the only way is up!

  • Thanks Vashti, very much appreciated. Take care xxx

  • All the best to you both, so pleased that Pete is home. Have a restful weekend xx

  • Me too Lyn, thanks for your kind wishes. Have a good weekend. xxx

  • That is good newsassy59, hope pete makes a full speedy recovery, but remember to tell Pete take care and take it steady. No rushing let nature take it's course as it is tempting to push on once you are out of pain, which can lead to relapse as I am sure you know Sassyx Best wishes to you both for a pain free future.

  • You are so right Katie and I am keeping close tabs on Pete. He is one to want to try and do things but I won't let him. Hope you are well and thank you. xxxxx

  • This is good news. I don't post much on here but I do read how folk are getting on. Hopefully he and you will see a difference in him.

    Marie x

  • Thank you Marie and nice to hear from you. xxxx

  • sounds like good news so pleased for you and pete hope you both maybe can enjoy the summer now

    Best wishes


  • Thanks music and hopefully things will improve over time. Best wishes to you. xxx

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