12 months on !

Some may remeber my beautiful husbands ordeal and his very short battle against ILD, tomorrow will be his 12 month anniversary, I just wanted to extend my love and thoughts to any family members who have suffered the same as me during the last year.

My year has been a rollacoster and I still have dreadful flash backs of his last week, I miss him so very much.

I remeber how I fealt before he died desperate for a glimmer of hope, the members on here gave me that and I remember sitting telling him of hope following ventalation.

I miss him so very much, and pray that he did not feel the pain, it is unfortuntaley the loved ones that do, so if you are going through the same dont be afraid to talk or ask questions on here it really helps you to understand reality in a non clinical way:)

RIP my Warrior xxx

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  • Good to hear from you do hope you are coping with the sad parting of your husband ,one never gets over it we just learn to cope

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Sometimes this disease moves quickly, your husband was one of the unlucky ones. I'm not really sure what happened with me but somehow the disease stopped progressing just in time while under ventilation and sedation. Here I am 5 years on living with 27% lung function but I have to consider myself one of the lucky ones.

    Cant believe a year has gone by since you lost your Warrior, I remember it all.

    Its good to see your ok and coping.

    Tony xx

  • Thank you Tony xx your Story was the only one that gave me hope xx The day Dave passed I told him about you surviving the ventalation, and I had ever hope that he would do the same, at the time i was so shocked that anyone could pass away under ventaltion you think the machine keeps you alive I wish it had been explained to us better as we had 20 minutes to prepare and say good bye not knowing it would be our last goodbye xx

    I am delighted you are doing ok and I will always think of you and the inspiration you gave me xxxx Thank you xx

  • When Dave, your warrior lost his battle against ILD it hit me hard even though we had never met. I felt, like me he was sure to pull through but it wasn't meant to be.

    I know news of your loss was hard felt by many of the healthunlockeders as it all seem to happen very quickly.

    I'm glad my story was some small comfort to you and Dave at the time.

    Tony xxx

  • It was, dont ever give up and keep fighting xxx

  • No worries, fighting is my middle name. xxx

  • Hello there,

    I do remember the awful time a year ago when you posted about your husband, and I know you got a huge response from members, which I hope gave you some comfort.

    As you are finding out, there is no time limit on grief, and slowly, slowly you will adapt to a different way of life with your children, and adjust My heart goes out to you and hope you can find some peace, comfort and strength.

    You can always come on here to talk to someone.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Thank you so much xx nice to see so many people still on here xx

  • How lovely of you to take time to post on here - gosh a year has gone very quickly, though probably not for you. My deepest sympathy to you. Take good care of yourself, lots of love TAD xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Bless your heart, where does that first year go and we go through so many different stages over those early months. I lost my gorgeous hubby to Pulmonary Fibrosis 14 months ago.

    Sending my warmest wishes :-) xxx

  • I am so sorry to hear this, thanks for your message x

  • I will be thinking of you tomorrow and good to hear from you....

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi there. I too lost my darling husband a year ago tomorrow 22nd May. I felt like my life had also ended however my family and I have managed to get through this sad year without our rock. Life will never be the same I struggle with severe COPD and although he was ill he helped me so much. You need to look after yourself and remember wherever you go he'll be with you. God bless. Kath xxx

  • Thank you Kath, I hope you spend tomorrow with loved ones rembembering happy times xxx

  • Bless you and thinking of you at this time. What a wonderful post in loving memory of your dear Warrior. Take care xxxxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Xxxx

  • Good Morning, Warrior2014. Heartbreaking isn't it to loose one that you have loved for such along time, I lost my darling 18 months ago to IPF, unfortunately I ring some days I feel worse than I did then

  • Sorry Warrior, I pushed the wrong button,should have said, some days I feel worse than I did the day he died, Perhaps that can happen,grief can effect people in different ways, I send you my very best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thank you xx

  • WARRIOR, I wanted to reply yesterday but had to go out. My sympathies go to you because I am going through a grieving period ++ Brian passed away Dec.11th. At first I was rebelling because I couldn't live with all the painful memories - just so hard. Brian was a great bloke. I didn't fully appreciate him until after he passed on. I felt angry that he had to suffer like he did although we worked hard to keep his pain at bay. I was told that i had started the grieving process even whilst I was looking after him last summer. A person who loved long distance walking. I couldn't go with him on these occasions and in a way that was good because it got me semi used to being on my own.

    Now 6 months later, I am wondering if my memories are becoming less painful. There has been a lot of help from the hospice. But I am told there will be ups and downs for years to come. Certainly the memories are softening. I cant remember much of last summer. In the middle of all this sadness, we moved house which in itself was stressful. Then Betsy the cat had to be put down. 3 Members of the bereavement group lost their pets as well. What is it with animals that they pick up the atmosphere.

    All I can say, Warrior, that you are welcome to contact me PM.

    It was merciful that the frequent chest infections were help at bay by Azithromycin during this time. I agree with the thought that the memories will never go away but they (I am told) will become happier. I wouldn't want them to go XXX

  • Thank you, I am so sorry to hear of your loss too xx

  • Hello Pergola1, I really do understand how you feel, having been in a similar situation 18 months ago, like you I am sure I didnt appreciate my lovely man enough. Certainly didn't realise everything he took care of,without me even knowing, Lots of " if only" Grief is very hard to bear and I think it affects people in different ways.. As you say you don't want the happy memories to fade. I send you very best wishes, Bulpit

  • So kind to think of others who may be in the same situation - so many of us have been in the same situation. All the old sayings seem very trite and useless at the time but time really is a great healer, and though it's been a long time for me and I can still fill up when I come across something like a note he has written with just maybe his drug list on it, I now remember all the wonderful times we had and the good things we shared - I look at the son he gave me, his greatest gift and thank God for them both.

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