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frustrating and worrying times

Hi all I am at my wits end. I have severe COPD and had an infection back in March. Took my rescue meds but it never cleared up andmy breathing got worse, ended up in A and E and doc changed the antibiotics but 9 weeks later and 3 courses of meds I am no better and I have no voice. I have had several visits to my GP but he says it's something I should expect now. Does anyone else have this or does anyone have any suggestions?

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This sounds awful and not right or good enough.

Can you ring the BLF helpline for guidance on how to move forward to get the support you should have. 03000 030555, office hours. I'm sure they will be very helpful.



My goodness this is awful for you. PLEASE ring the helpline - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. They will be able to give you advise on what sort of treatment you should be expecting. The first question I would ask is if a sputum sample was done to check you are on the right abs. You can also ask for a referral to a consultant. Lots of luck and love, TAD xx

I have just had restart out to me my airways are closing and my neck is swollen so they are admitting me to hospital am feeling a little scared but at least I will hopefully get this sorted x

So glad you were admitted. Thinking of you. Peege

The best of luck, lots of love TAD xx

It's the best place to be Chrissyp and at least they will get to the bottom of it because being told you should expect to be like this isn't good enough. I hope you'll feel better soon. xx

Hi just read your messages an i hope you are feeling much much better how awful for you best wishes .should not have happened

Hi there I was the same for twelve months went to hell and back couldn't breath was struggling with everything then went to see lung specialist and said to him I am desperate I need help can't carry on the way I am and he prescribed uniphyllin it's a tablet you take twice daily and it's done wonders for me can now breath again never gonna be completely ok cos have severe emphysema but wot a differance this tablet has made to my life I never got out the house for six months cos I couldn't breath thought my life was over till I got thease tablets take about three weeks to start working and now I'm out and about again feel miles better and can do wot I need to be able to do so ask for them because they won't give them to you if you don't I wish I would have been on them sooner if you don't ask you don't get why do they not give them to people if they help must be expensive I wish you luck and if you do get them hope they do for you wot they've done for me good luck

Thankyou all for your messages. Am hopefully now in a much better position. I have a problem with some blood vessels at the back of my tongue that are enlarged an need investigating but my severe breathlessness was not due to COPD but to a heart problem! I cannot believe that mydoc was just fobbing me off like that and potentially I could have had a heart attack x I am not going to dwell on th a t fact though. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thanks goodness you were admitted! Doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened if you hadn't been. Wishing you a speedy recovery now.

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