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There's a bright Golden Haze on the meadow. :)

Good morning all you lovely people, I thought it was about time I stopped feeling sorry for my self and got back with you all. Firstly thank you for all your very kind messages and also to Lyn for reminding me to get a move on. I am more than on the mend, not quite ready for taking on the decorating of the kitchen which is next on the list but able to cover short distances now and also the cough has almost stopped. As I said I think, I met some lovely people in the ward and unlike me they were really really poorly but still managed to have a laugh and we all took in turns to choose a song which we then had a go at singing and we got one of the nurses to join in. The sister said we were all crazy but she was happy to keep us if we wanted to stay. Honest being with those other cancer patience I realised just how lucky I am.

Right I hope you are all managing with what you have to put up with and still managing to stay positive and smile. The sun is shining brightly out there but there is still a chill in the air so not going any where till later when it warms up.

Right this calm and respectable lady went into the pharmacy and walked right up to the pharmacist looked him straight in the eyes and said "I want to buy some cyanide please."

"Why would you want cyanide" ? said the pharmacist.

"I need it to poison my husband" the lady said.

"Lord have mercy!! I can not give you cyanide to kill your husband its against the law, we would both be in awful trouble and end up in prison" he replied.

The lady calmly opened her handbag and took out a photograph of her husband and the pharmacist's wife in bed together and handed it to him.

He took one look at it and said ......... "You never said you had a prescription".

Have a good day and look after yourselves :) ;) xxx Fred

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Good morning Fred lovely to see you back x

Thanks Jan good to hear you as well xx :)

Welcome back Fred, it is good to log in and see you. Take care and resist any urge to repaint the kitchen! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Hello Xris no chance of me starting on the kitchen just yet as for me the worse part is the preparation of washing every thing down as some grease does manage to get on the ceiling and other places. Will save that for another day. x:) ;) Fred

Good too see you r back Fred I think your very brave

Take care


Hi Dorothy there is nothing brave about me love, I am just the same as the rest of you, we get on with it. Keep smiling xx :)

Haha, funny joke Fred. glad to see you are well on the mend. Your friends on the ward will be missing you.,, and you them. somehow very close attachments seem to be made like that - problems shared. Ive tried to keep a few jokes coming in your absence, to keep us smiling as per orders. I can sit back now! Now no kitchen decorating - mine hasn't been done for years, even though someone else would do it, its all the upheaval puts me off.

Love Iris x

Iris Thanks for that I read your jokes and please carry on, two jokes give twice as many smiles. You are right I am in touch with two of the blokes via E mail, the others are still in hospital and will be for a good while. :) xxx Fred

Good morning Fred!

It's lovely to see you back but PLEASE take it easy. P xx

Thanks peege will do, thanks for being there like the others xxx :) Fred

Morning Fred,great to have you back,just seeing your post made me smile,but just remember,gently does it.

Cheers love your very kind and lovely xx :)

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My pleasure,just making sure you take it steady.πŸ˜€

I wondered if you would be singing "Oh what a Wonderful Morning" to the nurses but I didn't expect you to be leading a NHS male voice choir.

Best wishes

We also had a joke telling time one night and the nurses even sat in with us and some were a bit risky.x :)

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Good to see you back Fred, loved the joke. The kitchen can wait enjoy the sunshine. Xx

Sheila thanks love xx Fred

Good morning Fred, so glad to see you back and on the mend, like everyone else says Take it Easy.

Loved the joke made me laugh :-D

Sunny but still a bit windy here today will try and get out later.

polly xx

Hi polly good to hear from you, stay happy xxx :) Fred

Hi Fred - lovely to see you back & firing on all cylinders (well almost!!!!) As everyone says , it brings a smile in the mornings when we see a post from you . Take it easy & forget about that decorating but when your up to it my kitchen, living room & hall will be waiting . We live almost on the coast in Pembrokeshire so you can have a holiday as well ( I wouldn't expect you the travel every day !!!!) Get plenty of jokes ready as I am having Orthopaedic surgery on June 5th & will be housebound for some time so I shall be reaching for you first thing in the mornings ( my husband won't mind & besides he'll be too busy waiting on me hand& foot - pardon the pun !!!!) Love Helen.xxxx 🐒🐌🐒🐌 This will be me for about eight weeks !

Hi there cheeky, thanks for the message and tell hubby I am tea with no sugar lol I am sure every thing will go like clockwork on the 5th June and I am not winding you up lol x. I will hunt for some good jokes ready for your recovery period. :) xxx Fred

Ha haaaa...good one Fred and good sunny morning to you. I'ts nice to see you back in the forum with a joke and a smile. I hope you continue to make a recovery over the next few days.....then you can start on the kitchen. lol :-) xxx

Thanks Lyn as for the kitchen I might just need a long long recovery time lol no I really must make a start soon maybe a game of golf first also my lovely granddaughter has said she is going to take me up to Gosport to visit the old submarine school where I did my escape training for the first time back in the 1960's this will be early June so really looking forward to that. How are the little bundles of fluff ? :) ;) xxx Fred

Ooh that will be a nice visit Fred and something to look forward to.

The fluffs are fine...it's been raining the last few days so I haven't been over the lake. But I do know that Elvis (the male swan) has now stopped wandering across the road to look at his reflection in the office door. The door has been painted over in a non reflective paint so that's stopped Elvis in his tracks. lol I may pop over later to check on them all. Meanwhile, I've just mowed the lawns so that's my exercise for the day :-) xxx

That's good about Elvis and rather caring that the shop had the non reflector paint used on the door. I hope you sorted out your lens and its not caused ant problems. Pleased to see your keeping fit mowing the lawn's are you using a push me, pull me or an electric one?. :) xxxx

Crumbs Fred...it's an electric mower...lol I don't want to make life too difficult. lol :-) xxx

Well you have to switch it on and off and steer it around the lawn and empty the cuttings, so you sit down and relax love you must be worn out lol :) xxx

I had to laugh at that I don't have a fan club we all have the same fan club which is this forum so please lets hear from you more often that way we help each other through each day :) ;) :D xxx Fred

Good Morning Fred , 😁 what a great tonic to see you posting! I loved your joke its given me the giggles! I'm delighted you are feeling a bit better and hope you are getting spoilt a lotπŸ˜€ sending lots of πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’™ and x's huff xxxxxxxxxxxx

Whooooow that's a lot huff it will take me all day to use them so will just sit here and let them wash over me lol. Its good to be back with you all :) ;) xxx Fred

Welcome back Fred 😊. So glad all went well for you. Sure missed that smiling face of yours! Just wasn't the same without you on here. ----smile a little smile for me------☺ Sounds like your roommates and you were having a good old time! Don't know how you remain so cheerful all the time. Must be something your wife puts in your tea?

Love Rubyxxx πŸ˜€

I do not believe its possible to be on this site and not be happy, mind you there are certain times when we have no choice. xxx :)

Now that is funny. Not so funny that I now have to change the bed. Note to self do not read whilst drinking tea. Lovely to see you my dear. Glad you are back. Big soft hug on its way

Dozy πŸ˜ŠπŸ€ xx

Rather pleased to read it was only tea, was a bit worried for a moment, pleased to be back Dozy, that was a lovely soft hug. :) xx Fred

"Welcome back home Fred......So good to see you back where you belong....xx Megan."

Thanks Megan it feels good to be back with you xxx :) Fred

Lovely to see you back Fred. I've missed your cheery posts in the morning. Take care.

Kathy x

Hi there Kathy, I have missed you all as well. :) xx Fred

You're like a breath of fresh air Fred and it is so good to see you posting again.

Hope you take it easy now and don't overdo it.

Sara xx

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Oh thanks Sara its been a long week, will get the real results in a few months time when I go down to Plymouth for a PET scan to see whats laying under the burns in the lungs, but who cares if they come back the Doctor has said he will keep burning them for me. :) xxx Fred

Now that is good news Fred! :)

There's a bright golden haze on my meadow now after reading your post and having a good giggle at your joke. Glad you are back Fred. :)

Thanks for that Travel Bug keep that smile going. :) ;) Fred

Well hello Fred, good to hear from you again. You are too full of good spirits and no I don't mean Gin, to feel sorry for yourself. I have posted about Pete so you may read that soon.

You take care and be well. Thanks for the laughter - such great medicine. xxxx :)

Carole that's great news that Pete has been given the ok to come home, I hope he is not in to much pain, its been a long journey but hopefully the end has been reached. I have missed you all. :) xxx Fred

Great to see you back Fred, Super joke. Love Margaret x

Thanks Margaret very pleased to be back with you. :) xx

Great joke. Take things easy and really look after yourself. Love Lyn xx

Hi there Lyn I will try and take it easy but I get bored very easy. :) xxx Fred

I've only just seen your back ,blimey that's good I think everyone's missed you. I will read soon.looks like it may be funny.x

Sorry I'm only just replying yo your post - better late than never! So pleased to have you back again and hope that you'll be 100% back to usual very soon. And don't go starting any jobs just yet, just relax and enjoy the rest. Jan xxx

Will hold out as long as possible but when the boss has dropped enough hints I will have to make a move. Cheers Jan enjoy your weekend xx :)

Mornings Fred, thank goodness you are back to make us all smile, you are so right about cancer patients,they have nothing to smile about,but still do. Have a good weekend with your girls, Regards, Bulpit

Hello there bulpit not over keen on these weekends, but will make the most of it, but when you are retired every weekend is a holiday that last all week lol. Keep smiling xx :)

Great to see you back Fred, and your lovely inspirational message about your hospital stay - I wish you a speedy recovery xx

Thanks Dedalus its great to be back with you xx :) Fred

Now, that's the Fred we all know and love ........good to have you back! Take it slow, the summer's nearly here and the sun will shine for you and complete your healing. Happy days. XX :-D

Thanks Nikkers you are a lovely, thanks for the wishes and welcome return. :) ;) xxx Fred

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