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COPD cod liver oil

Hi just had my spirometry breathing test yesterday and not sure if it went has well has last time has i had to take a puff of blue top has and when inhaller this time during test and if you look back at my past posts last year my breathing test went well, so when i get results from my gp next week will let you know.

Would like to ask if you very helpfull people have ever tryed cod liver oil has i have never heard of the benifits of it until i googled it on my pc and if you think it really helps keep infections at bay with this COPD or good for your bones has my knee joints are clicking like mad.

I do like the sun and always feel good in the sun has it says cod liver oil has vitermin D but winter i do seem to get a lot of chest colds so maybe i could just use it in the winter.

So just wonderd if you could you let me know what you think thats if you use it has i think my GP is getting fed up with me keep asking questions lol

Good luck everyone


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I remember as a child being given it, and hating the taste 😝 but seriously I know you can now buy cod liver oil capsules and it is highly recommended as being beneficial. Good luck!

when the war ended all children were made to take cod liver it certainly can't do you any harm!!!! :)

These comments are bringing back childhood memories. I was given cod liver oil too and my mum and dad tied some cotton round the spoon so they wouldn't use it for stirring their cup of tea. I can still remember the taste and it makes me shudder.

I think your best bet is to try it and see whether it helps and be thankful that it comes in capsules now. :)

I have been taking cod liver oil capsules for years now since I was diagonised June 2013 I haven't had a chest infection don't know if they help my knees still creak Marian xx

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