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Hello Everyone, Mrskotc here.

Hope you are all as well as you can be. I have not been on the site for a while, at a loose end today so I thought I would look in on you.

I was so pleased to see some of you have the same sense of humour as my late Richard ( Mr KOTC ) as you all know he loved his jokes ,bless him.

Regards Pat xx

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  • Hello there. Lovely to see you in here, a place where His Majesty (KOTC) is sadly missed and very fondly remembered. xx

  • Thank you for your kind words, I miss him so so much xx

  • So lovely to hear from you .i would joke with him that his next award was an MBE from the queen for all his hard work

    You take care

    Love Dorothyxx

  • Hello Dorothy,

    He did get a Telegram from the Queen Mother for making a cocktail called the Grand Lady for her 80th Birthday.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Regards Pat xx

  • I miss KOTC, and now I see how he got his name :) :)

    He was the very first 'welcome' when I joined Health Unlimited, a truly lovely man

    Love to you and your family

    From Sohara

  • He was the first person to welcome me to the site, hope you are doing ok.

  • The King will always be remembered as the number 1 Healthunlockeder by myself and I'm sure many others who were lucky enough to have chatted and joked with him.

    Wherever he is now I'm sure he has a Breath Easy meeting at least once a fortnight for sure. :) .

    Good to here from you Mrs KOTC.

    Tony xx

  • Good to hear From you, Mr. Kotc is missed and I have wondered how you are. Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • What a lovely surprise to see your post. Very happy memories of your wonderful husband - missed most by you but by lots of us too.

  • Hi mrskotc. I used to love your other halfs posts. He had a lovely sense of humour. Since you lost your husband I have lost mine through IPF. I am as I expect you are still missing him greatly. My Husband had no interest in computers or such so I was the one reading all the posts. I still watch the posts on here and help where I can but don't do much posting myself. It is lovely that you have come back to say Hello to everyone. I look forward to maybe hearing from you again. X

  • I never knew KOTC but I came across his story about 'Information Please' and posted on here again I was so impressed with it. Hope you are coping Ok. Love Iris x

  • Hello Pat, how lovely to hear from you. I was thinking of your KOTC only yesterday, there was a particular joke I thought he would approve of.

    I do hope you're doing okay, it must be so difficult at times.

    Very best wishes to you. Peege

  • He made me wrlcome.And made me laugh..Be strong and when the rawness has worn all the wonderful memories will return.I know.Please come back again to us mags x

  • Hope you are well, I think of your husband often,in fact I was talking about him over the weekend with my brother,my sister in law and my hubby. Told them what a lovely man he was and such an inspiration he was to members of this communities. Loved his tales of who he met when working in the hotel in Torquay. Sad he is not with you any more.sure you must have some lovely memories x Joyce

  • Hello mrskotc. I'm so glad you keep in touch. KOTC is sorely missed and I'm glad we can still read his jokes. His legacy lives on.

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