Brand new Mobility Scooter?

Hi All,

It's not often I post although I go onto the site everyday. Sometimes I get great comfort from reading other people's post. I just thought I would share with everyone the news of my brand new mobility scooter. I have been using scooters for several years now, and have become more dependant on them over the last couple of years. My old scooter was on it's last legs, and my son David said he would help me out with another one.

I Googled suppliers in my area North Lancs and came across a company called Mobilityconnect from Morecambe. I rang them up and spoke with a young lady called Louise. We spoke for around half an hour, and she said they could bring me two or three to look at or I could go down to the shop and look at what they had. David took me down and the shop was opposite the clock tower. After a cuppa Louise talked me through the products they had in the shop. Not just scooters but power chairs, adjustable beds, riser recliner chairs, and lots of other things. I tested 4 scooters, and fell in love with a brand new Aviator, 8 mile an hour, and will go 35 miles in between charges. What really impressed me was the lady's knowledge of the products she sold.

Then it was the cost, I could not afford to buy it outright, so David paid the deposit for me and I have to pay 48 monthly payments that I can afford. I got 2 years insurance and warranty thrown in. Also what I liked was there was no pressure put on me.

I took charge of my lovely black scooter the day after, and have been out on it everyday. It feels like I am on air. Xxxx Mini.

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  • Well done Mini, the world is your oyster now. Good luck with the new machine.

    Bobby xx

  • Bobby it's lovely, I am so pleased with it. Xx

  • Good for you! So nice to hear of good service and people that care. Happy scooting! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi TAD, The service was very good. They also have their own engineering workshop next door, and provide a nationwide service. Mini xxxxx

  • Hi Mini,it,s so good to hear of a company providing a good service these days of not so good service being acceptable.When I got my first scooter I had a similar experience ,I,ve now got a Mini Cooper thanks to getting my PIP through.Our freedom is so important.Best of luck.D. ✌️

  • Hi D,

    Yes my freedom and independence mean the world to me. I hate having to be dependent on other people. We have to keep it for as long as we can. Mini xxxx

  • Hi Mini, good for you. Enjoy yourself. Maximonkey

  • Thank you so much. Xxx

  • Hi Mini I think I read on this site if you claim PIP you can use this for a scooter as well as a car but good luck with your new scooter and enjoy your freedom

  • Thai you very much. Xxx

  • I am thinking of changing my shoprider(?) for a Sterling Pearl. The wheel tyres are wearing and also the batteries aren't charging either SO something that isn't too heavy but stable as it needs to fold up to go in the boot of the car. Enjoy your new buggy xxx

  • Hi, why don't you give Louise a ring at mobility connect, she would help you in a flash. The website is amazing. They have all sorts of scooters on it, just have a look xxx

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