For those that remember and those that don't know, 44 days ago i gave up smoking but within 48 hours my health went downhill. I developed breathing problems, could not walk more than 50 yards without being SOB and coughing which would sometimes lead to dry retching. I dreaded going to tesco just to buy food and and a couple of times turned back, i could not face it. I have been having fruit smoothies every morning for nearly 4 years which stops me catching colds, but decided i wanted to get more nutrients into my body so bought a juicer beginning of last week. Started off with making a refreshing mid afternoon drink consisting of 3 carrots and 2 large oranges...very nice. Decided to experiment with green juices. Bought kale, spinach, mushrooms, ginger, cucumbers etc. Had my first green juice for lunch Saturday, by yesterday my breathing was back to normal, no cough and no SOB. Before i would be crawling up the stairs stopping at the top to catch my breath, yesterday i virtually ran up the stairs.

For those that have not seen the videos yet, you tube titled COPD a success story of an Australian lady who reversed her COPD from FEV 28 to FEV 54 by juicing. Very interesting.

Breath easy


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  • Thats exciting Merv !

    Other people juice also on the site.

    You are the first one I heard give it such rave reviews. Wonder what your doing differently. Something your using or the consistency. Interesting topic, for sure.

    Don't recall what your fev1 was when you quit. I'm sure everyone will be asking you all kinds of questions. Hows work for you? I know the way you were feeling

    You were worried how you were going

    to do your job.I'm so very happy for you !!


    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby, Not been able to work due to the breathing problems, but now no problem. Will start again in a couple of days.

    My FEV was only 72% so i am mild.

  • When you first give up smoking you get all sorts of problems as your system re-adjusts to no longer being coated in nicotine and tar. But it does pass.

  • Well found !! I'm so glad you have kept off cigarettes and found a way of doing it. I found it terribly hard and was really ill for about six months but, believe me, it was worth the pain!

  • hi tetrazzini I found it soooooooo hard never thought I could stop but I did and I used to suck the hell out of a cig till it would burn had to wait till it cooled down to draw again.lol ,was on gum for nearly 3 years got worst after I stopped for 6/8 months then it got better think I would have been in wheelchair on oxygen if I had not,Must just say again if you still smoke you must try to give up not to strong to say it WILL save your LIFE and I know all the reasons not to stop "know a old man who smoked all his life and is fine" JUST LISTEN TO EVERYONE ON HERE!!!! I wish you all luck

  • Hi Merv

    Glad to hear you are doing better. And of course we'll done for keeping up the willpower.

    So if I am understanding this right it is the green juice that made the difference?

    I have started taking green superfood powder and it certainly has boosted my energy levels and general wellbeing. Have to laugh cos I just won 11kg of it on eBay for £10 so have plenty of spare if anyone wants some!

    I enjoyed those u tube videos it is always good to hear how people have improved. I went from 32 to 76 FEV in 12 months. But fear I have slipped down over the last few months but will never stop trying.

    Please let us know how things continue for you.


  • brilliant. I used to juice but couldn't manage the cleaning of mixer. I wonder if the vitamn A content of greens and carrots (turning into A) is also part responsible. Always best to get it naturally whatever the nutrient. Well done. Keep it up

  • The new juicers are no more difficult to wash out than a pint glass. I have the NutriNinja, a fantastic machine.

  • Juicers have several parts, and they do create a good bit of cleaning, especially the grater or sieve bits, I don't have energy to waste on cleaning it all out so gave the ones I tried away. But now Im waiting for the nutribullet RX to come over here. I got the nutribullet but the seal keeps coming out and ends up in the mix and it puts me off, don't know if any bits end up in it too, so not keen to use it now. I believe the RX has a sealed rubber in the base so it wouldn't happen. Anyway, when it gets here will give that a go.

  • I have the Ninja too and love it. Better than juicing as all the fiber remains in the drink, so easy to clean too. Loads of good recipes on pinterest. I add organic protein powder and a little oatmeal to my breakfast one.

  • Yes, the Ninja is a very good machine. Because these new machines are so good and also very easy to clean, I can foresee the time quite soon when these machines are as commonplace as Televisions. The next development might be machines with twice the capacity. It would make it easier to experiment with fruit/veg combinations. And it keeps well enough for a couple of days in the fridge. That is if it gets the chance, I usually fill it up each day. If it's getting a bit thick I add water along with a quarter or half a lemon or lime to get the tang back. I have no need for the protein powder as I am a bit of a protein junkie in my everyday diet anyway. Fried meat and fruit juice ! Can't be too bad can it ? Mind you, I do eat other stuff too.

  • I do the same thing. Have you tried experimenting to see the difference between the Ninja and an ordinary blender? I keep meaning to, but the Ninja is just so handy, small, takes no space on the counter, whereas the regular blender fits on top of my Kenwood Chef, so a bit more fiddly. I like "hiding" the green vegetables in the fruit and yoghurt! One thing I did recently was to cut up a whole pineapple, Ninja it with a little water and freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to put in a zip bag in the freezer. Handy.

  • Over the years I have used other juicers so have no need to experiment. I sometimes add some kale, beetroot, or carrot or something else. It's all vitamins so who cares as long as it tastes OK, and it always does. I live near a couple of fruit/veg markets so whatever fruit is going cheap that is what goes in the juicer. It's always a mixed fruit drink though. The experiment that I have not yet done is to make something like that Italian dish that's eaten cold "Gaspacho Soup" I think that it's called. It's full of raw onion, garlic, tomatoes and stuff. That's the sort of "Green" smoothie that I would be interested in. It might need a additional flask for the Juicer if the smell hangs around too much afterwards, I will just have to see. Everything can be cleaned and rinsed afterwards, but if it turns out to be a major exercise then buying another flask dedicated to strong smelling green smoothies would would the best idea. Putting pineapple in your juice is a good idea as pineapple contains an enzyme that helps the body absorb protein

  • I didn't know that about pineapple...I just like it!

  • Hi, i read somewhere that whatever you are making a juicy or smoothie, it needs to be drunk within 20 minutes otherwise it starts to lose it's goodness.

  • I find that hard to believe. But at the atomic level I suppose that it could be correct in much the same way that once we get past the age of 18 we are on the way down the drain. If the juice quality does start to degrade after 20 minutes, then the next question is by how much ?

  • Hi FredM8, just googled again and it stated that some goodness is lost in the first couple of minutes and should be fully consumed within 20 minutes to maximise the full potential. But also states that it depends on what type of juicer you use.

    I make mine.let it sit in ice whilst i clean the damn thing then drink it.

    People are starting to compliment me on how clear my face is looking, must be doing me some good.

  • Thanks for the info !

    I have just Googled and see what you mean. Also found more interesting info on juicing. So, from now on half or more of the juice gets consumed immediately after prep, and the rest as I feel like. Mind you, it is always kept in the fridge, and what about those cartons of juice that we see on the supermarket shelves ? Are they really all useless ?

    Thanks again !

  • Does not eating green veg do the same job ???? Im confused

  • when the food is blitzed to smithereens it breaks down the cellular walls and releases more nutrition than chewing it does, so it is much more nutrient dense, if you see what I mean. Plus cooking takes some nutrients out as well. Im looking forward to starting again when I can.


  • Oh right sounds good may have to have a go thanks for that .😊

  • my son just told me he got the 900w version and loves it, he finds it fills him up and satisfies him, his skins looking better and its only been a week. I don't know anyone who doesn't like the nutribullet. You can slosh up some tomatoes, veggies and beans etc with stock instead of water and then heat through in microwave for fast soups too. mmmm. feeling inspired. nitey nite x

  • watch this:

  • Good for you breathe easy Buddy! That is fabulous news and juicing is such a fabulous way to get down those really health giving foods! So pleased for you and I will take a look at the YouTube video!,

    Wishing you well.....


  • This is the link"

  • Aawwww Merv many thanks for that link-I will certainly take a look at it...would be great to be even better than I am :-) have a brilliant day eh?


  • Another bright sunny day in paradise, coming to an end here as yours is starting.

  • Nutrabullit the ideal tool for juicing and minimal cleaning!!

  • Hi, that looks interesting as i now use a blender in the morning for a fruit smoothie and a juicer lunchtime and evening but cannot add a soft fruit like banana or mango to a juicer. Will look at the cost over here.

    Thanks for that.

  • h annie, I just got a nutribullit but not sure about a couple of things, wonder if you can help. I will probably spell these fruits wrong! do you have to peel advacado, mango, papaya, melon and lemons and also the warning says if you hae high blood pressure, heart disease and something else which I cant remember ask doctor but is that really nessessary? thank you Micky x

  • Yes anything with thick skin, remove this. Google is great for answers but also the book that comes with the nutrabullit helps.


  • I have started to drink cherry juice for my gout.

  • I was like that 10 years ago when I gave up for the first 6 months I coughed more than I did when I was smoking. I'm thinking about getting a juicer my daughter has the nutra bullet it was £130.00 but will gets lots of use from it our granddaughter has a milk allergy. I'm not sure I could do a green drink I went to see the exorcist years ago.

  • A green drink is fine and probably the best for you, i mask the taste with pineapple, 2 apples and half a cucumber. Loads of recipes on the internet.

  • will look in to this we need all the vits and goodness from our food take care and well done with the smoking

  • This is the link:

  • Great post Swerv, agree with you, green juice is fantastic, has helped me reduce antibiotics and keep well since I started using it a few years ago. I use a Matstone slow juicer for wheatgrass, kale, carrots etc, and a Lidl 600wt stick blender to blend avacado, banana into smoothies, the stick blender will make soaked almonds into almond milk too, I get a really smooth result.

    Someone said that we should not be using raw mushroom though, they said cooked shiitake or powdered ceps are best.

    Keep it up and stay well, thanks for post.

  • Hi, i use a blender in the morning to make a smoothie: apple, banana, frozen peach, orange, strawberry and blueberry. half a mango and orange juice.

    I then have a green juice lunchtime and an orange juice mid afternoon, 3 carrots and 3 oranges.

  • Thanks Merv - this is something I am trying to persuade my husband into trying. My persuasion didnt start on a very good note - a friend of ours got one and just make fruit smoothies twice a day and pushed his blood sugars into dangerously high levels. You are obviously much more sensible, will have a look at youtube, it sounds much more positive. Onwards and Upwards!! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hullo there thank you for your post it is very interesting, i am going to give this a try, i tried to find the lady yu were talking about on u tube but could find it, found a lot of other other scary stuff lol, would appreciate it if you could pass on any other thing to try and did you put the kale and all the other veggies into one drink together? looking forward to trying them out I have asthma and copd and am also celiac so my immune system is not great, thanks very much :)

  • Hi, search you tube for "COPD a success story" or click on this link:

    The recipe i am using at the moment is: 2 green apples, a few slices of pineapple. half a cucumber, good handful of kale and spinach, couple of raw mushrooms plus a small piece of ginger.

    In the afternoon i juice 3 carrots with 3 oranges.

    In the mornings i blend a smoothie with an apple, banana, orange juice, frozen peach and blueberries plus half a mango.


  • I'd need to be clear on this if I'm to get similar benefits:

    If it's the juice that gives the benefit you need a juicer, not a blender.

    Nutribullit & NutriNinja are blenders - not juicers.

    Blenders turn a carrot, for example, into pulp, not juice.

    Juicers extract juice from a carrot, and leave the semi-dry pulp for the bin.

    Juicers ARE harder to clean, but easy enough if you do it straight away - nightmare if you leave it for carrot juice(for example) to tattoo itself into the plastic....

  • But with the fully blended fruit and veg you get the fibre, and that has its own benefits. A juicer wastes it as pulp is usually thrown out and wasted. If the drinks too thick just add water, milk or even yogurt. Plus if you do it using some frozen and fresh fruit, you get low calorie sorbet and ice cream.

  • I can clean my juicer in about 3 minutes. They are dish washer friendly but we don't have those out here.

  • I have found a website with lots of recipes.....nutriliving.com....I have been looking at the Nutri Bullet,expensive but I have some Tesco Boost coupons I could use.

    Thanks for the post

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