I never use to suffer with Hey fever, but since this COPD showed its ugly head it seems to effect me so much now days, and this time of the year seems to be the worse. Do any other member suffer breathing problems more when the pollen count creeps up, and has this happened to you since having COPD. Dont know if the COPD has moved up a notch, but some days even walking from room to room gets me breathless. Thanks Neo.


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29 Replies

  • Same here,did not know I had hay fever for a couple of years a constant cold,I supose when the emphysema. Got worse I have it all the time now ,I live opposite a huge pollen tree,so I don't know if I will have to move ,in the sun it's awful,my car is covered in it.flowering pollen. More tablets I suppose.x

  • Yes this is the worst time of year for me,never had hay fever until COPD,I have a clogged up throat most of the time,I suffer in the Autumn too but not so bad,winter and cooler air is better for me.

  • Thats same here Redted, it must be triggered by the respitory's immune system side of the body some how. There are a few members coming back with dIffrent story's of the reaction of the body's immune system. Some are Hay fever or ( Rhinitis ) some are reactions to diffrent foods or drinks, even (cows milk of all things) that must be a bad one as there is milk added to most foods. " WHAT NO CORN FLAKES EVER AGAIN "

  • I have an underactive thyroid too,so my immune system is not perfect anyway.

  • it really is strange what happens when you have COPD, hubby had never had any allergies, now have hay fever and allergic rhinitis but he also developed an allergy to cow's milk (and it's associated products) which only happens when he is having a flare up, I wonder if it is the copious amount of tablets or the disease itself.

  • My previous husband, who died in 2003 aged 73, had COPD and asthma, and became allergic to cows milk and bleached white flour shortly before the diagnosis of lung disease. The cows milk made his abdomen bloat, and the white flour made him very breathless. We found out by accident when we went on holiday to Rhodes in 1989 - at that time the only milk served there was goat or sheep milk, and all the bread was made with unbleached yellow flour. The discovery prompted me to train as a dietitian, as I wanted to understand why this could happen. It appears as if lung problems damage the immune system and makes it less efficient and more trigger happy, though I haven't yet come across any research to this effect. I'm not sure how the damage is caused either, but maybe free radicals from smoking, lack of oxygen, pollution etc. are to blame, which may be why getting a lot of anti-oxidants and vitamin C through juicing can help. Anti-oxidants can neutralise free radicals.

  • Thanks eregendal, I have passed this info on, there seems to be more to COPD than meets the eye I think.!!! Regards Neo.

  • Thank Nosemask pit, but think I will give that one a miss, knowing my luck these past six years. First time I put it on, I would be mistaken for a bank robber, and get shot with a passing armed police fficer.

  • Rapeseed hits me hard to such an extent I can smell the fields from a long way off.

  • ( RAPE !!! ) Ok Offcut, Every one to there on thing I suppose.

  • edited ;)

  • Hi Neo7, are you sure it is hay fever? I have allergies and I could not live without my antihistamine tabs, however, everyone is different and we all react in different ways, the only way to be sure is to have allergy tests, but few doctors will send people unless it is impacting on their health in a very bad (almost to death) kind of way. It sounds as if you are allergic or have a reaction to blossom, pollen, grass, dust mite or such. The GP will be able to give you tabs to help you through, particularly as you say it is affecting your breathing, he may even given you nasal spray or another inhaler. Anyway good luck, take care and ask your GP for help. Maximonkey

  • Thanks Maximonkey. Have got the following to try and fight it with, but with this COPD if its not one thing its another, I also suffer with Tinnitus 24 / 7 / 365, you can have that for FREE if you want it, will give it you as a gift, would not wish Tinnitus on my worst enemy. The Hayfever meds are ; Cetirizine Hydrochloride 1 x 10mg tablet per day. & Beconase Aqueous Nasal spray, Two sprays both nostrils Twice a day during polen season. REGARDS Neo.

  • Hi Neo7, I have tried both these hayfever meds, hope they help if not go to gp and ask for something different. It took 2.5 years for the doctor to find an antihistamine which worked for me. Take the tablet and spray going to bed if you suffer during sleep (dustmite) if not take in the morning. As for the Tinnitus I have it already and I too would not wish it on anyone. Take care Maximonkey

  • Me too i never had problems with it before but do now but in response to your other comment on your COPD possibly being worse you should be having regular checks on it x

  • I read all your posts Mandy, and I know your condition is worse than mine, but through your experiance, does the breathing get harder and harder, as the months pass, no matter what one does ? (ie) I stopped smoking over six years ago, eat well,do walking, but over the last year the shortness of breath has got worse, example, I use to walk to town without stopping, but over the past year, I have to keep stopping now to get my breath back, I would be lucky now if I can walk 150 yards without stopping to get m ny breath.

    I sometime wonder if these inhalers are doing as much good as we think they are, I know at the time of shortness of breath we need them, and they do help at that point in time, but is that the end of the story, or are they doing us more harm than good in the long run !!!. Thanks Neo.

  • Mine got really bad about a year ago and i would say that i feel about the same as i did then although my oxygen has been increased to 5 l.....the way we deal with it has a lot of affect on us for example when im in hospital i can walk further and do more than i can when im home and thats because i know im in a safe place so our brains can trick us.....its not easy just enjoy your days as best you can and not focus on it ...we get enough bad days stuck in bed etc x x x

  • I also have Hay Fever since having copd ,have bad reactions to certain pollens like cut grass, pine and fur trees. My asthma gets worse around wet paint, hot weather,baked products containing flour or baking powder plus cats. I use nose sprays and a salt pipe which helps . You can now buy salt pipes at Holland &Barratt which are used for problems concerning the airways, so are good for copd, asthma,hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

  • Thanks 29h3m, Interesting post, tell me more about this salt pipe thing please? regards Neo.

  • HI Neo , The salt pipe has salt crystals already contained in the pipe, you just put the mouth piece into your mouth and breath in slowly. You get a slight taste of salt but not unpleasant. The salts clean the nose and airways of pollen and mucus reduction in the lungs. You use the salt pipe 2 or 3 times a day for 10 -15 mins . After a few days you should notice some improvement in your breathing. The salt pipe I bought cost £14.99 at Holland & Barrett but you can also buy them on line. Hope this helps. Tina.

  • Hi 29h3m, Have took note of your advice, and have today placed an order through Amazon for a CISCA SALT PIPE that carries a five year supply of salt cristals in it, they retail @ £26.99. And are the porcelain type, based on the original design, the salt I understand is extracted from the Cisca salt caves. "Willing to try anything to make life a little more easy". "Thank Yoy once again". Neo.

  • Hi Neo7 ,Sounds like you got a good deal on Amazon,hope it helps you,good luck. Tina 29h3m .

  • Don't know if it really works or if it's just a coincidence, but I take a teaspoon of locally produced honey everyday and my hayfever is greatly improved x

  • thanks will look for your post Graham. I am Nottinghamshire born and bred myself, was born about 3 miles from the ( Major oak ) tree. (Robin Hood.)

  • I would love to know what your wife has done ,I an 50 years old but was diagnosed at 43 withe Emphesemia and I still don't use oxygen daily only when I have really bad days .I can no longer do my yard work or things oh love. I don't cough up phlem or even cough .Last year a Dr other than my own told me I was end stage ,I was away from home and got sick and had to see a doctor other than my own .My Dr was furious , he said no one can tell someone how much time they have their not God .Please share with me what your wife has done and Thank you .I live in the U.S but this forum has been the best I have found .My Email a dress is lmclaurin25@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for the information and it souns wonderful .I am so happy your wife ,I plan this day to go and buy these Vitamins.I want to tell you about something I have been studying up on as well and maybe it would further help your wife also,what is very coincidental l about it is it also calls for the high doses of vitamin A, You may have studied or read this already ,but it is food grad Hydrogen Peroxide is nothing but oxygen and diluted down to 3% it is very safe to drink ,nebulizer and already some DR'S are giving it intravenously to patients with copd ,emphysema and many other things ,but they are having great success . I plan to use both treatments together at this point i will not be doing the intravanious because the closest doctor to me is quite aways fom me.well anyway maybe you will find this helpful as well.

  • Hi helenann 12, Thank you for your last post, and I did pick up on you when you came back on line. have also picked up the information from your post to other members about the A and D VIT TABLETS, I assume that this is the information you was going to forward to me !! Thank you once more for your trouble and I will follow this up. By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Neo.

  • Hi Graham, would you confirm to me the size ( Iu )of A vitimin tablet and of D vitimin tablet. I checked with my local chemist today and they do not stock any of the vitmin tablets in the 500 Iu size, they advised me to check HOLLAND & BARRETT, so would like conformation from you that this the correct Iu size before I purchase. Thanks Neo.

  • Hi Graham, hope you and the wife are ok. Thank you for the reply. Amazon do these vitimin A 5000 iu,they retails at £ 6.38 a little cheaper than Chemist direct, but not much in it, just afew pence .I can not remember if its chemist direct, or another chemist thats on line, it will be in my files some place, but I get Ventaline inhaler from one of them on line if I look like running a little short at times. There is no prescription required !! and its not expensive about £5 +. And they also do Atrovent inhaler too, its double the price of Ventoline,and retails @ £12+.

    I was wondering if I should run this over with my GP before banging these vitimins into my system, at leaste he or she would know what is happening !! Its not always wise to mix tablets with others. I think we get plenty of problems without looking for some others. Thank you once again, will keep you posted on this subject regards Neo.

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