Hello everyone! Does anyone know if pleurisy is classed as a disability. I developed pleurisy in December 2014 after an operation, then coming down with flu and then pneumonia. At the the time I was in university doing my third year as a mature student. I had to give up the course and still now I have difficulty breathing when I am out shopping or going out with my kids and wife. The pain is bearable and not chronic, can anyone give me some advice please!


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  • Your best bet would be to ring the BLF helpline, office hours, 03000030555

    Pleurisy is so very painful.

  • Pleurisy is an illness which you should recover from. I have had it twice but first time was off work for 6 months and still far from well when I went back.

    With all that has gone on for you am not surprised you still struggling.

  • Hi Gav 1968, I agree with the replies already given. Pleurisy is not usually an ongoing illness , it normally gets better once treated but of course all illnesses can reoccur. Think you need to return to your doctor if you are still in pain, the breathing may take sometime to get back to normal as these ilnessess lower your stamina and often leave their mark on your lungs which needs time to heal.Every best wish that your recovery continues to progress and you feel much better soon.

  • Hi Gav, pleurisy is an infection in your pleural space. And what that means is your pleural space is that tiny space between your lungs and your ribs. Normally there is always fluid there, but think about it like this. Have you ever eaten pork or beef ribs? Well think about the part that doesn't have any meat, just the bone and how it is curved. Now that is the outside membrane and then a small space for fluid, another membrane then your lungs. That pleural fluid is thin and is there as a cushion for your lungs when you inhale & exhale so that they are not hitting a hard surface. with pleurisy that fluid becomes thick and infected so every breath hurts. And it does take some time and antibiotics to get rid of this. I hope this helps. Oh yeah, it may take a couple rounds of antibiotics to get this under control. Good luck, and once again I hope this helps you. Regards Nadine, from across the pond!!😉

  • Thank you Nadine I have had antibiotics earlier in the year, but recently my breathing as become more laboured, I have been wondering if it is from hayfever. I know the condition is a disease, but I was not sure if it was considered as a disability or whether it is an ongoing illness that would keep coming back and affecting my health.

    With thanks, Gav

  • Hi gav, lots of people without lung conditions can get pleurisy as it's an infection that generally clears up with antibiotics, and although it's very painful it's treatable and will clear up, so as far as I know it's not a disability. If ur worried or still feel ill maybe U should go to ur gp and get checked out again. Take care and hope u feel better soon xx sonia xx

  • Just glad I could help, feel better! 😉 Nadine.

  • Hello Gav. The pleura is the lining between the lungs and the ribs and when you've had an illness i.e. pneumonia it becomes very "inflamed" for want of a better description. This also happens when you have been coughing a lot and it is very painful indeed. Each breath is agonising and coughing is torture until it settles down. I get this fairly regularly and dread getting a cold etc., as I know what will happen if I keep coughing. However, this is not a chronic condition, so whatever's causing your discomfort, I doubt that it's pleurisy and you should see your GP. Good luck. XX

  • Sorry I can't help. Good luck.

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