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Hi everyone!

This is my first post. My name is Tina and I have COPD and OSTEOARTHRITIS which I am really struggling with at the moment. Need badly to give up smoking, manage to go a few days without the cigs but get depressed, have tried for years to kick this habit, need some morale support to try again. Love reading all your posts, so thought you might help me.

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Hello and welcome to the family here Tina!😃 my sis-in-law has osteoarthritis and I know how bad it can be, I'm so sorry you have this, she's having a flare up at the moment, it is such a cruel illness I hope you feel a lot better soon, maybe some warmer weather would help😃 fingers crossed for a good old 'High' to come soon 😁

It's great you are trying to stop smoking because it will make such a big difference to improving your copd. Lots of people ( including my sis-in-law ) are using 'e-cigs' and find them helpful, I packed it in 11years ago using nicotine patches, it took 10 weeks to kick the habit, that's all it is a habit that does you no good 😃 I just you say to yourself....I love me tooo much to keep smoking....I am going to be my own best friend and stop!

Hugs huff xxx

I do not like these either but try the e cigs to try and break the habit. I know it is not easy but the NHS will help with loads of goods and support. I was a 40 a day man back in the 80/90's gave up when I was in hospital for 10 days on O2 never smoked since. Even a cocktail stick in the mouth can help the instinct to have something in the mouth.

Not sure how many you smoke but once you stop and get it all out your system you should see an improvement or even at the very least not getting worse.

Good luck

Be Well

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Hi, Have an E-cig but it sets me off cougthing,maybe I inhale to hard! Have tried patches in the past which I had more luck with, so may try them again.Currently smoke 20 a day, been smoking for 43 years , far too long. Sorry to hear you were on 02 will keep that thought in my head when trying to give up,hopefully this week. Cheers!

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keeping on the cigs is not the way forward drop one a day see if that helps as long as you stop?

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E-cigs did it for me - all the pleasure without the pain - but for pity's sake go to a decent retailer or do a bit of research on-line. The old "quit or die" mantra is a thing of the past and why add stress to 2 already stressful conditions. I've been vaping for 5+ years and kicked a 60+ year smoking habit - I have osteo and rheum arth. and know how hard it is to cope, but whichever way you do it please get off the smokes, they are the single worst factor for COPD. Both my asthma and copd are now almost a thing of the past but vaping doesn't do the same for the arthritis - just makes it more bearable, just like the smokes do! Good luck with packing in and persevere, you CAN do it!

Hallo Tina, welcome to our great site. I have osteoarthritis, hips, knees , neck, thumbs and places that I did't even kow existed. A devout smoker for maybe 50 years, the amount of cigarettes gradually increased according to my purse. I stood on a balcony in my in-laws house, Switerland, in the night, in a blizzard to have a fag and was saved one morning from utter despair by next door's milkman who kindly gave me roll up befor it was light even. Shows how much I was desperate. Do not despair though, I was diagnosed 12 months ago with COPD and gave up immediately.

I NEVER EVER dreamed it would be possible! Apart from a couple of times since then, deaths, worries etc. I have not even wanted one. I don't say it works for everyone but I do believe it is habit and not addiction, so keep on trying. E cigarettes, patches and gum might even prolong the the giving up process . Why not give it another go? you have nothing to lose and you might surpise yourself,the way I did. I ask myself what hurts me most? Arthritis wins hands down! Every good wish to you, Polly4acre.


hi tina you will find the right info on here , its not easy giving up the fags each person has a different level of will power . I was a heavy smoker for 30years I finished on 75grams of tobacco per week . my lung collapsed I ended up in a&e after a week the xray chap said you were in a bad way , he didn't give me much hope of surviving . its only when your in a life or death situation you change your life style . I cant stand the smell of them now am glad I stopped good luck take care andy

I do hope you will give up smoking. I have no advice because I have never smoked, but I do have bronchiectasis, probably caused by pleurisy as a baby, And know what misery lung problems can cause. My dad smoked and died of emphysema. when I see people smoking I want to go up to them and try to make them understand the risk they are taking with their future health and happiness. Not only theirs but their family too. dont say I will try, just do it for your own sake. forgive this 81 year old grandma for nagging, but we will all be so proud to hear you have kicked this bad habit. Love Iris x

When i was first diagnosed with Copd and told my doctor I had started smoking at age nine she said " well I don,t suppose you,ll be giving up then ".This was a statement rather than a question which of course did nothing to encourage me to stop.Ten years later I contracted pneumonia and had to call 999 as I could,nt breathe.The fear of not being able to breathe is terrifying and the thought of filling my lungs with a gas that had no oxygen in it seemed rather stupid.So I told myself I would give up the cigs because I wanted to live for a good while longer and I did.It,s very personal thing to do and the fight is with yourself and no one else.Try all the different ways of stopping one of them WILL suit you.Good luck you can do it and feel proud of yourself for the achievement.D.

Thank you all for your advice and kind words concerning my fight to give up the cigs. After having so many chest infections, I do worry about getting pneumonia, scary thought! Have a few cigs left ,so have decided to make tomorrow my day to give up, spurred on by all the feedback from you all. Wish me luck!!!! x Tina.

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Welcome to the family Tina xx You go girl, day 1 tomorrow :)

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Cheers Kiwichick , First day and feeling a bit depressed,need to keep myself busy.

Hi Tina welcome to the flock, all one happy family, and all with diffrent levels stages and problems with the lungs, but we try and help each other the best way we know how, look forward to reading your posts, if you need any help, just shout out. regards Neo.

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