Hi to all you lovely people, this is my first post, but I have been a member for 3.Years and first thing every morning, cup of tea in hand and I pad in the other I read all the posts from the daily Healthunlocked, some sad, some funny, but basically, all in the same boat! Now I will get to the point😄My daughter wants me and my Hubby to go on a cruise with her and our Grandaughter. We went on one 12 years ago, but I was in good health then. Yes I would love to go, but I am worried as 1, I may soon need oxygen for when mobile, and I would feel better taking my scooter as I know some ships are huge. And 2. We need to go in main holiday Time, due to school term dates, and August is soooooo hot. and I do suffer, like some of you with Anxiety. Please tell me about any of your experiences on cruising , as I really would like to go.

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  • PS. I have Emphasemia severe

  • I am sorry I cant help you with advise but I will be really interested in the replies, it is something my husband and I are thinking about (he too suffers with severe COPD, uses a scooter and oxygen, and suffers with anxiety). I do remember "Vera Duckworth" (can't remember her real name from Coronation Street) who suffers with COPD being interviewed saying that cruising was the way she had been able to keep holidaying.

    It might be an idea to ring the helpline and ask their advise - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

    Also it might be an idea to research a couple of cruise companies and see what facilities they have etc. to accommodate you.

    Above all as you long as you plan, take meds with you etc. I am sure you would have the best time. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi and welcome. you can take your own mobility scooter on planes/ships at no extra cost as long as it weighs under 75kl total, you would have to keep it in your cabin though. Oxygen can be arranged by your cruise line, enquire when you book. Hope this helps a bit. Happy holiday! xx

  • Thank you for all advise and replies, as my Daughter says, go for it Mom👍 xxx

  • My Husband and I went on an Adriatic cruise just before he was on oxygen. We made the mistake of going to Pompei and he wasn't too well. We did find out after that if you have trouble with your lungs you shouldn't go. So make sure you do your homework first. My Husband loved the sun anyway so that didn't bother him. If it's too hot you could always stay on the ship. You have a great time there anyway. Let the others go out on a trip and you can sit in the shade and relax. Maybe you could get your oxygen levels checked before you decide. You can take oxygen on a ship anyway.

  • thanks for advice, and yes I can chill for the whole 2 weeks, in or out of the sun. I am trying to lose some weight and , hopefully after losing 3 stone, I will be running to Pompei, ha ha. and not need the oxygen.xx

  • Hello, and welcome 😊. My husband has severe COPD plus heart problems and we have enjoyed many cruises in recent years. Unfortunately, his health problems now mean that it's VERY expensive to get travel/health insurance, so we sadly won't be cruising again. Some things to remember are 1. Some cruise lines won't allow mobility scooters if you haven't booked one of their disability cabins - and as there very few on ships, you will need to book well in advance. 2. Please make sure you have excellent insurance cover. Although there are doctors on cruise ships, we know from experience that they're not prepared to "nurse" a passenger if there are any complications - one cruise, the doctor told my husband they would off-load him because he had a severe chest infection! Luckily, I managed to persuade them not to do this but it would have cost a LOT of money had he had to be hospitalised or brought back to the UK. 3. Make sure you have enough meds with you and make sure you also take your usual prescription in case there are any delays. 4. If you decide to go, have a wonderful time 😀😀😀😀. Sorry about the length of this post but cruising is such a wonderful experience I'm sure that, providing you go well prepared, you'll definitely want to go again! Jan xx

  • One thing Bradshead...........If you hang upsidedown like that on a cruise, you'll get seasick! Lol XX :-D

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