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notlocal AKA Bob Craven

Some time ago we were shocked to hear of Bob Craven ('notlocal' on here) failing to recover from his LVRS operation. This message has been posted on one of the FB groups that he was involved in. Because he had friends here, I'm posting it here on behalf of his family............

Bobby’s family would like to extend an open invitation to attend his wake, which will take place on the 20th of June at the Windmill pub, Windmill Hill, Bristol BS34LU from 11am-1pm (and continuing on throughout the afternoon/evening no doubt as well).

We also would like to say a huge thanks for all the lovely and heartfelt messages of support that have come in this last week, public and private. Not to mention some of the stories… We knew Bobby was something of a popular character with people (!), however not for a minute did any of us realise just quite how many people’s lives he was a part of and how many people he meant something to. Someone wrote that surely this is the measure of any man. We think it was certainly the measure of Bobby and we’re deeply proud. Your messages have made us both laugh and cry. Thank you for that.

Fittingly for a man who willfully trampled over any and all ‘tradition’ we won’t be wearing any dark clothes on the day and we wouldn’t expect anyone else to either. He was a lifelong subversive therefore wear whatever you like, the more colourful the better. If anyone would like to say something on the day, a message, an anecdote about his cheeky sense of humour perhaps or even help us with arrangements then please get touch. Also if anyone is planning on traveling and needs a place to stay in Bristol we can help with this as well, so please let us know.

More than anything we hope it will be celebration of a life well lived. It might even be a bit of a party... who knows?! There will be food, good tunes and a bar to which everyone is welcome and we hope very much to see you there.

Much love, Bobby’s family.

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Thanks you for the invite to celebrate the life of your loved one, my thoughts are with you all. David1968


What a wonderful celebration Of a life well lived. Thanks for inviting us to share in that. My thoughts are with you all.



Have a wonderful celebration for a great life. Thinking of you all,Eternal Happiness.x


What a fitting way to celebrate Bob's life. Thankyou to Bob's family for the invite, i will join you in spirit. Regards, Margaret


Thanks for the update John.

Last time I 'spoke' to Bob we both had our answers deleted! That must have been a couple of months ago. I guess where ever he is now he'll still be having some answers deleted!

Sincerely hope Bob's family and his friends find great solace in the Celebration of his life. Cheers Bob!



Thanks for the invite. I won't be able to make it but I'll be there in spirit. :)


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