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is it accurate?

I just bought a manual digital peak flow from Microlife to measure my fev1 for copd. I tried it and it shows values higher than the doctor's office. I wonder if someone has experience with it and can you please tell me if they accurate compare with other more professional spirometers. Am I wasting my time with it? Should I use the readings as a true value? How many litres/ml difference from others? Any info about this would be great, please.

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I find the microlife runs a little high and the piko a little low. Have not had test done at drs. for a while to compare. What were the readings?

Rubyxx 😊


Hi rubyred! When you say a little high, by how many litres/ml approximately? Is it a really off the real values I should have or is it very close to what we get with a more professional spirometer? I was 2.92L and usually over the last year my readings at the doctor have been around 2.6 or 2.8. Should I consider that this 2.92 is to high and not the real Fev1 I have? Please let me know.


You must have very very mild copd. Those numbers are really good. What is your fev?

Your age and height and being male or female also have alot of bearing on what you should be.when's the last time you had it done at drs?

Have you been doing anything different since then?

Exercising, walking, different inhalers.



Are you talking about the one that shows peak flow and fev1? It takes batteries.



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