What is CRDS?

I was seen by a consultant in April and having not received the feedback which he promised, I have just been to my surgery to find out if anything had been received there. Indeed they had received a letter the day after my appointment with the consultant. The letter confirmed "an FEV1 of 0/81 and FVC 2.41. Gas transfer shows an alveolar volume of 5.37 (118% predicted) and a reduced gas transfer at 33% of predicted after correction for lung volume. Surprisingly, her CT scan showed only minor changes of central lobular emphysema and not the sort of damage that was expected when looking at the lung function tests". Not sure I understand all that neither that "she would benefit from input from CRDS". Have googled CRDS but nothing connected comes up. I'm hoping that someone on here might be able to tell me what all this means!! Receptionist couldn't understand why I hadn't been contacted by the GP but "it's possible he hasn't read the letter'!

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  • hi nanny crd's is chronic respiratory diseases.


  • Many thanks aberdeenman. Can try googling that now!!

  • In the context of your letter, CRDS probably means chronic respiratory disease services ie the specialist nurses.

  • Thanks for that monkey65. Any ideas what the figures mean?

  • Afraid not on the numbers but I do know there are others on here with the reduced gas transfer thing. You might get a response if you ask just about that.

  • Good idea - thanks again.

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