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Quick Update

Quick Update

The photograph is of an early grows on top of the stone wall opposite our cottage and usually gets eaten by a passing cow!

Apart from the weather being totally foul we're enjoying our visitors...Himself took them back to the stone fort yesterday...was too windy for me so I stayed at home...we're still not certain as to whether or not the Gallagher brothers have bought the big house on whose land the stone fort is situated...whoever is living there has put electronic eyes either side of the main entrance so maybe it is them.

Noel and Liam Gallagher, otherwise known as Oasis, are said to have bought the big house for their Granny who lives in a nearby town.

It's cold and wet yet again today...the Broad Beans I put into a big pot are practically floating away with all the rain we've had and the poor little Pansies faces are sodden...suppose it'll be warmer and brighter at some point...end of June perhaps?

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No, I think we had our summer last month Vashti? lol I meant to ask you, are you anywhere near the site of Croggin Man?

Pretty flower. XX :-)

Hi Vashti, lovely flower. I wonder if it is Oasis,s Granny ? Famous neighbours & even more famous vistors calling. I hope Gran hasn't the boys habits. Love margaret x

Vashti, lovely photo. It is a Bee Orchis and that passing cow is in a big pile of trouble as it is a protected species! Left to itself it would most likely colonise to beautiful patch of them. You have added to your talents with the new camera, your pictures are very clear, regards,Polly4acre.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Orchids down the bog road...common ones and rarer gives a fig about them!

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