Sod seventy!

I was diagnosed 12 years ago with COPD! And over the years since I have found the following most helpful

1. BLF forum and helpline

2. Taking medication as prescribed

3. Dealing with exacerbations quickly

4. Pulmonary Rehab! (Fantastic)

5. Sod Seventy, a newish book by Dr Muir Grey, which is wonderfully uplifting book on exercise and how much it can make a difference to us...and deals with the 'Sitting Down Epidemic' he writes there is no disease which is made worse by exercises, except Heart

Disease which has a few risks, but even then gentle exercise can be beneficial.

6. PMA, Postive Mental Attitude

What else do others find has helped them?

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  • Hello Pollyp, all of those and in particular the p.m.a. !😀 having the fortune to be blessed with an optimistic nature helps 😃 😆 huff xxx

  • Same here ! :)

  • Sooo agree with you, although I can tend to be a little bit over optimistic at times, have to be v firm with myself to treat exacerbations sooner rather than later! Hehe!

  • Family, freinds and neighbours being understanding but not going on about it and treating you as a normal well person, if you know what I mean ! :)

  • Hullo Polly, A very, very positive post which I found very cheering. I am going to get the book you mentioned. Think I am old enough to be your older sister!!! I try not think of what I might be doing 10 years hence. The magic word to give me peace of mind, is the word "Azithromycin"! It has made such a difference to life. Also brain food, which can be found on "Beat the Brain" 6.30pm BBC 2.

  • Hahha Pergola! Oh yes I forgot to mention a really healthy diet! Lots of fresh veg and fish!

  • I'm also going to look out for that book.

    Pergola I'm about to see a resp. specialist with a view to commencing Azithromycin. Hopefully it will help to prevent my frequent exacerbations.

  • Wish you well, brondana. It has made a difference to my life. Hope that it doesn't wear off.

  • Lovely positive post Polly thank you xx

  • You are really welcome Sheilab :-)

  • All these wonderfully positive people ya all :-)

  • Great uplifting post polly, for me it's sod forty and wishing for seventy lol but I can say it with a smile that's thanks to U all. xx sonia xx

  • Start now then Sonia :-) wahooooo!

  • Thank you for the optimistic post...just what I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself as I have inflammation of the intercostal muscles, so it hurts to move or breathe deeply, a urine infection and a horrid cold sore. I need to look after myself a bit better I guess....there have been some good tips on this site about diet and exercise.

    On the BBC News website today there is an article about exercise and life expectancy too.

    I was prescribed cocodamol for the pain, but I have put them somewhere and can't find memory going as well!

    I am now going internet shopping to order some fruit and veg and look for the book that you mentioned.

    Thanks again

  • Ahhhaaaa Knitter, good for you! Even a teeny amount of exercise can help with pain. I found the book so helpful and inspirational, so if yòu buy it hope you will too :-)

  • Frequently repeat to self - there is no such thing as can't and

  • Sod Seventy has now been ordered and is on it's way to me. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thanks Pollyp for the recommendation.

    I've been in exacerbation mode with my COPD for the last few weeks, thus no exercise has been done because I was too sob. As of yesterday I'm beginning to improve, though temporarily, so I need to start exercising again. Hopefully today I'll be able to take my dogs for a short walk.

  • Hi Brondana,

    I do hope that you will find the book helpful...I only bought it recently and am finding it inspiring and I know it has ten minute exercises in it, which maybe when you are feeling a bit better you can try....I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were saying that 10 mins at a time is good, so perhaps standing for 10 mins, then that is possible then walking for 10 mins, then when that is ok, a little more....the book talks about the 4 s's.....which are great!

    Have you done a Pulmonary Rehab programme?

    The winter before last I had exacerbations for 3-4 months, so horrid! I do hope you will be feeling better very soon x

  • I'm booked in to do a Pulmonary rehab program. I probably should have done it a long time ago. I'm awaiting a reply from Pulmonary Rehab folk following the referral from my doctor.

    I'm really looking forward to the book. It should be here in three days.

  • Aaahhhh Pulmonary Rehab, I waited 2 years to get on the course, and then because I had a brilliant Respiratory Exercise instructor I was almost too healthy to get on the course, ( hahhaaaa) but I made and although it made me puff ! a lot!!! It was worth every hour I spent on it...and managed eventually to move on to the hope you manage to get the same out of your course.....and let me know what you think of the book?

    Lots of love, have a great day.


  • Thanks Polly. Regarding Pulmonary Rehab. I don't want to puff a lot! I'm thoroughly sick of puffing a lot. However if if will improve things I guess I have no option, as unpleasant as it sounds.

    I must say I'm not looking forward to Pulmonary Rehab. It's miles away from where I live and it's an early morning class. I am secretly pleased that there's been no response from them to date.

    I'll let you know when the book arrives and I have a quick look at it. Then I'll read it properly.



  • Hi Brondana, I know, I do understand about the puffing, although the puffing is as you say unpleasant! It the recovery time from the puffing which is more important-all the best althletes puff after running and exerting themselves hahhaaa....

    The things as I understand it is that exercise helps our muscles to use oxygen more that is good thing eh? I hope you find the PR helpful :-)

    Good luck!

  • What a great post, you have given me positivity, which has been a bit lacking of late thank you x

  • You are really welcome.....go for it! :-)

  • Thanks Polly, you have given me back my positive today. Sitting looking at all the pills, given up counting and inhalers plus feeling really groggy after Chemo yesterday and a splitting headache, have decided yes it is. Looking at the pots my son has lovingly planted out for me to look at as I sit here on days like this. My granddaughters phone calls, caring Hubby. Plus this forum and its supportive people. YES there is plenty to be positive about. Another plus Xray Tuesday results my Consultant said "looking better".

    Well I'm past 70, so sod seventy bring on eighty.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Hi Suzy, Yay! Good for you....go gently and go well eh? Life ain't always easy so yes do look for the positives.....they give us better energies.

    Lots of love....

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