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living with c.o.p.d

hi i was rushed into hospital in November last year , with a collapsed lung I was a heavy smoker for thirty years the pain was intense right through the left sholder down the arm . the doctors put a drain in to the lung to inflate the

lung , it was a nightmare thought I was going to suffocate I couldn't get any air into the lungs just like trying to blow up a new balloon , the pain eased with the oramorph tramadol but the breathlessness kept coming back end of the week the doctors said the tubing that went into the lung had a clot .

they took it out inserted a new one was a lot better. the lung collapsed in march into hospital again same process again got out a week later my breathings just as bad

but that's the condition copd

cant fault the nhs they were great

my nurse told me that my lungs are 100 years old [ 45 year old]

im on inhailers ventolin and Spiriva

doctor said that the copd is severe

I hav'nt smoked a cigarette since 24th November

I hope somebody finds this post helpful

regards andy

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Hi Andy & welcome :)

Newish here myself after recently being diagnosed with copd, even after stopping smoking 12 years ago. Hope the inhalers are helping you, mine are just kicking in, sometimes feel like there is a veil over my breathing tubes. Personally I feel better on the move, so try to exercise as much as possible.It's when I'm sitting/lying down it get's to me most. I'm sure someone more experienced will come along soon and give you some advice & well done on giving up the dreaded ciggies, that is the best thing you could have done, keep it up!

Breathe Easy,


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thanks kay I will never smoke again can't stand the smell of them now cheers andy


Hi andy hope you are on the road to recovery i had the scariest experience ever in march ended up on ventilator in critical care so lucky i am here its a horrible desease copd isnt it? Had it since my early 40s now 53 i am on bipap home vent are you a co2 retainer aswell ? Dont know about you but at times gets me down and say to myself this is only a exsistence have you ever done pr course? I am on waiting list it seems to be fantastic feed back from our good people on here is all good well done quitting the cigs i manage to stop over year ago was heavysmoker2 i used electric ciggarette i still use it hope your health improves soon jackie


hi Jackie no never tried pr course i'm not on anything at

night , I am ok sitting down but soon as I get up to do anything the breathing gets bad . the copd will get worse as I get older . cheers andy


hope your getting better Jackie I saw poor souls on ventilater in hospital coming to the end of there life

not a pleasant sight to see take care andy


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