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Hi,has anyone tried for medical negligence after the 3 year time limit,i badly injured my knee about 10 yrs ago,the doc came to see me but didnt send me for an xray,it has been very painful and swollen ever since,i kept telling the doc but he just gave me stronger pain killers and topical creams,it has made me agrophobic and depressed,i have no family or friends,i changed practices last year and the doc who came out to me got me a specialist and mental health worker straight away,i was told i have severe osteoarthritis which i had never heard of,the specialist says no way at my age should i have this,he said my only option is a total knee replacement,my leg is totally bent,the doc was really nasty to me when i asked for a second opinion.because i didnt know what it was i could only tell the dla that i had a bad knee and i was getting no benefits for it,im now on pip and get the enhanced rate for care and mobility,its over £200 more,if i had been getting what i should i would have not got into debt,if anyone knows anything about this i would be very grateful,thankyou.

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jc100 you are a brave man opening up on a public forum about your depression I did the same about a month ago and the words of care and support I got from my HU family really out stood me and my faith in human kind.

I am so glad that you got what is rightfully yours plus the change of doctors seemed to have done the trick.

Next you must try and get out and about small steps at first gradually going as far as you can, did you know you can use the mobility component to get a mobility scooter I did with mine and half of my allowance is used for that or perhaps you can drive you can convert the whole of your mobility component into a suitably adapted vehicle. Under mobility you can also name other drivers to take you out about on off days. Also do not forget to apply to your local council for a blue badge this is useful any one taking you out can park according to the rules.

Finally see if there is a Breath easy group where you are these are run by volunteers under the control of The British Lung Foundation. I know there may be bad days but please try your best and visit here often you will find we all try and help each other, K?

Strive to be happy it still is a beautiful world.

Warm wishes

Ant :)

Thank you so much xx

Thankyou so much all of you,the internet is my only way to communicate with the outside world,i get afraid being a female alone,i want to sell my house and get a bungalow but the house needs some attention,i know i can have it adapted and home improvements,it is awful being stuck indoors when its lovely outside,thank you so much for your lovely replies,

There is no need to feel alone. Stay on here with us. You might be able to help others on here who are struggling with various problems. It is a friendly and caring place to visit. Summer is coming. Take care. Suzyxxx

Thankyou so much xx

Hello JC,have you had contact from the Occupational health therapist in your area?Are you in the UK?They will give good advice regarding house renovations ,grants etc.Also The CAB can help too.Good luck ,no need to feel alone we,re here for help and friendship.D. 😃

Thank you so much

Hi jc and welcome, please don't feel alone you have people who understand here. xx

Thank you so much,everyone is so nice

flibberti is correct. The claim is not time limited, provided you can show that you found out within the last six years. There are specialists in medical negligence. They will take your case on a no win no fee basis, provided you have a strong case and enough evidence.

I sued the local council, after I tripped in the dark on a dangerous ledge. My right arm snapped and I got a spiral fracture. There was permanent nerve damage and that arm is shorter than the other.

What will interest the solicito,r is whether or not the damage is permanent, or long term. They will obtain your medical notes. and will also consider the negative impact this injury has had on your life.

A reputable solicitor will not ask for any money, ask for a deposit or want you to sign up for an insurance policy.

My son was hit by an uninsured driver when he lost his leg. He got a payout from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

I would suggest you go ahead with your claim. Try to find a specialist in medical negligence.

Thank you for your advice,i dont understand medical negligence,they say my only option is a total knee replacement,i have an adult recovery worker or some name like that,she has been coming since just before xmas,i did email a mistreatment firm but they said its the time limit and to det in touch with the law society,but in afraid of phones,im totally isolated and just see the recovery worker once a week,i need to go to the dentist,i lost a filling and im terrified of dentists and have not been out since i injured my knee,i saw on the internet it says complain to avma or pals,thankyou xx

Do it online. I will find the link for you.

Thankyou very much xx

Hello Azure,could i ask please,did you find the link for me,thank you

Hello JC, I am sorry not have replied sooner. I had 200 booklets to trim. Then it was my great grandaughter's birthday party.

As it is nearly 3am, I will have a proper look in the morning, to try and find you the best way to go about making a claim.

AS x

You can find out here if you have a claim worth pursuing.

Thank you Azure,with these medical negligence firms,it is the time limit,but im not a doctor,when i found out what it was last year,i had never heard of it,i have heard of arthritis but not osteoarthritis,i read about it on the internet and it says knee injuries should be seen to straight away,if its not then you get osteoarthritis,it says its a life changing traumatic thing,an the first specialist said at my age,no way should i have this,its worse when you have no one and are isolated,i used to be so active and im now so depressed,sorry its a long reply,thankyou,its nice to email some one.jane.

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