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Breathing Problems Exacerbated

I have COPD and Asthma which is kept under control very well by the medication prescribed by my excellent local health clinic. However on a couple of occasions, I have had dreadful breathing problems immediately after a visit to my dentist. The visit was simply a routine scaling and polishing visit yet I experienced this problem. Does anyone know if there could be a connection between the inhalation of dust from the polishing of my teeth and my asthma.

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Hi, Popsie. I get very nervous going to the dentist, which makes me more breathless. When he does a scale and polish there's always water cooling things down so not much chance of dust. Have you told your dentist about your health problems?


Hello eregendal,

Thanks for your response to my query. My dentist is fully aware of my breathing problems, ie COPD and Asthma, but I have not mentioned my suspicion that dental hygiene is contributing to the problem. There may be a way out by telling the dentist himself of the problem and letting him discuss it with his hygienist. Alternatively I could refuse to have my teeth scraped and polished. I'm sure that at my age it won't matter.

Thanks again.



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