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My Update

Hello again folks,

Just a quick update. I was whipped back into hospital on Monday after another bad episode. This is the fourth time since November when I contracted pneumonia. I have just been told I am now fully blown asthmatic, I have COPD, I also suffer from Pulmonary Alveola Proteinosis for which I had a full thoracotomy way back when and I now have scleroderma. Consultant tells me all related to respiratory problems.

I have applied for PIP but have had no decision as yet. I was also told by my reap nurse to contact DWP and update them which I have just done.

I refuel aircraft for a living but I know my boss is not going to put up with this much longer!

Any advice would be gratefully received cos I can't live on SSP!



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Sorry to hear you've been ill again.

I would ring the helpline and get expert advice.

Good luck.

Kim xxx


Kim will try to call you today


Are you a member of a union. Speak to them. You are entitled to 'reasonable adjustments at work' . But can be difficult to show that being ignored! They should look for job you can still physically do or adjust your current role to what you CAN do.

Also look at hours at work. I now work part time 3 days and although is a nightmare financially get more than if no longer working! By not trying to do more hours than I can cope with I have reduced number of flare ups for me. I DO try to look after self though and go to bed 7.00ish OT get enough rest....


What I full blown asthma?I have never heard of it


Don't know! Was just told I want full blown asthmatic!


I would get in touch with your union if you are in one. Under the Equality Act you now have a condition that your employer should make adjustments to your work load and techniques.

I informed my employer of my heart and lung conditions before they employed me and their health support called me to talk it though. I was pretty much under control at that point but I had a full lung failure 18 months later. I was off for 5.5 months. They were going to issue me with a written warning due to the length of time I was off. I spoke to the EOC who were prepared to take them to court if they did. I told the company that I had made them aware of the conditions that could of lead to the failure and if they issued me with the warning I would be looking to take it further ( without telling them of my conversation with the EOC ) They did not do anymore. But I was made redundant when they had a big reduction of staff about a year later.

I wish you well.

Be well


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