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Swollen ankle

Hi everyone just updating you all on my swollen ankles, started off with one ankle, then other one started, then swelling went up both legs, all before I went back to gp, anyway this one I saw gave me water pills, and have to have blood tests Friday as iron very low although I take iron already 3 times daily, he's not sure that I do have COPD now as any pump I get doesn't work, so see what happens, I want to thank all of you for your caring advice, will keep you updated on next saga lol !!

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hope you get this sorted out quickley,and that you dont have copd,but this is is signs of copd,take care xxx


Thanks Squady

Yes it does sound like it, will have to wait and see, but what is strange is that none of the pumps worked, and I was meant to have mild COPD, they put me on symbicourt 200 which I was told was for patients with severe COPD, in fact my breathing got worse on it then I was put on preventive inhalers and ventolin nothing worked, so its a mystery will let you know when they have sorted it out. Annette


Hi Angse,

You certainly don't have your problems to seek and have a load of things to cope with unfortunately, as many of us do on here. I hope you don't have copd, but the blood tests will surely shed some light on things, not so much the copd element but how your liver function is as you have said it is enlarged, so it may possibly be putting a bit of pressure on your lungs, and that is causing a bit of confusion. On the other hand maybe your doc maybe hasn't found the right inhaler for you yet, as there are a few out there to try, and I swear by Spiriva, but others don't find it effective.

Its always complicated when you have multiple conditions and can take a bit of time to work out what is causing the problem. It might be worth asking your doc to refer you back to the liver specialist, or even phone the secretary of the consultant and ask if you can be seen promptly due to your worsening symptoms. Hopefully the blood tests will give your doc a clearer picture, and then things can start happening for you.

If you do have copd, then you are entitled to have it properly treated which includes having PR as it will benefit you at whatever stage you are at, but severe anaemia can cause breathlessness as well.

Sorry, this isn't much of an answer, and wish you well with the blood tests. Have you had a spirometry test which will give an indication of your lung function? If not then your doc should arrange one.

Good luck,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


Hi huggs

Yes I have had spriomartry test nurse then diagnosed mild COPD, have got app: on 29 th June to see my liver specialist at kings college London, I will be having liver scanned and more blood tests with him, and he gives me results straight away so I will know where I stand from his point of view will let you know when they finally sort it out. Annette


Hi angse, hope the water tablets help, and U get some answers regarding " to be COPD" or "not to be " this is the question 😃 ( don't know why Shakespeare came to mind ) no seriously I hope the can sort it out and treat u accordingly . Take care xx sonia xx

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Hi Sonia

Yes it is like a Shakespearean novel, have I or havent I, trouble is they presume to quickly, you got breathing problem COPD or asthma, but I really thought I was losing my mind when no pump I was given worked, although breathing difficulty still there, since stopping all pumps it has become much easier. Annette


Glad to hear that the doctor has given you some tablets - hope they quickly solve the problem. Let us know how it goes with the COPD diagnosis or not! Take care, lots of love TAD xxx


Thanks Tadwaw

Really appreciate your concern, yes have to wait now to see if breathing is COPD or not xx


Hope the tablets sort this quickly, Angse & you feel much better soon. Love Margzret x


thank you so much Margaret so do I never had swelling before not pleasant, I could only have small dose though as have liver disease, so have to check with my heptologist at liver unit next month to see if I can have have higher dose Annette


I wish you well with the water tabs. I was given them when they found I had PH but I did not have much swelling anywhere then. In my case I went to the loo a lot but had terrible pain in my kidneys! I was taken off them, so interested to see how my next visit pans out with the docs soon?

Now I have left and a little on the right swelling but pain in both legs.

Hope you get sorted out soon.

Be Well


Thanks offcut

My feet seem a bit better already, and also breathing if its not my imagination, hope things work out for you and hope your doctors visit will bring good news for you. Annette


me too

Be well


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