Thanks to everyone that replyed to my last post

Thanks to everyone that replyed to my last post

Last few DAYs i have not been to well to reply to each and everyone

All great comments .. wish i was well enough to ad my bit to discussion ;)

Anyway here is PM Wife Samantha Cameron Pictures Show Prime Minister's Wife Is Now A Scooter Commuter looks like she's taking piss out of the POLICE .. Also looks like things to come

COPPER looked likes he wanted to sh## her ;)

Also it all kicked of today at downing street as clearly the some piss taking going on at downing street

Live feed of downing street protest

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  • Hope your on the mend Denis, been a lovely day here, but given the recent news there's an ill wind on its way xxxx

  • Hi medow cheers wish i was ok .. think that winds after taking me with it

    Whys ill winds always blow when docs is shut :(

    Cheers thanks

  • Hi Fibberti cheers yer i dont mind bout other post is all good ;)

    Yer am already on maintenance antibiotics think the might need rotating again will have to see doc monday

    Is horrendus and always weekend WHY al wait for sciance to explane that one lol

    Defo agree about George & McVey is Quality ;)

  • Seeing flibberti's apology reminded me that I should apologise too, for my long posts on your thread. That's what happens when you start off a thread that lots of us find interesting!

    I hope you feel a bit better soon.

  • Hi Elja thanks cheers no worries ;)

  • Doesnt smell too good either Medow!

  • Hi, sorry I know I should but I'm not big on politics, I tend to wait and see what happens and act accordingly, any way I just wanted to say I hope u feel better soon, I always seem to end up ill at the weekend on a Sunday when the weather is lovely outside and I get stuck in a&e for hours, bloomin typical.

    Take care xx sonia xx

  • Sorry you are not so well Denis. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Sara x

  • Hi Denis,hope you feel better soon my friend,this was quite a shock to the system election wise!I,m hoping the SNP will use their new found influence to curb the excesses of the right and help protect our NHS.We Scots want fairness for everybody not just ourselves!The fight goes on.D. ✌️

  • Hope your feeling well soon I'm just coming out the other end of a chest infection started with a cold, I'm not sure this flu jab does anything.

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